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In the twit-world, it’s being called Bloomberg and NASA’s “proof” that man made CO2 is causing global warming.

But it’s just a zombie rehash of the same-old routine I described in How to create a crisis graph in 6 simple steps. It’s all in the art of what you don’t say and the things you leave off the graph. This is a “NASA” graph that reduces everything about the sun to one single temperature. As if the magneto-nuclear-dynamo 1.3 million times the volume of the Earth would have a weather report that just read “still hot”. Nothing to see here…

Want to scare people with graphs?

  1. Pretend your climate models work. Ignore the missing hot spot, the pause, the record antarctic sea-ice, the lack of accelerating seas, and the utter failure of climate models to model anything before the last 150 years, as well as stuff like “rain[1]“, “ drought [2]” and “humidity[3]“.
  2. Include all the factors you can think of that don’t explain the latest bump in the squiggly line.
  3. Ignore all the factors that might like cosmic rays, solar wind, solar magnetic effects, solar spectrum cycles, lunar effects on our atmosphere, and who knows how many other potential factors.
  4. Draw sophisticated trendy-sparse-graphs with a nice “flash” rolling action.
  5. Pretend that many of those same great scientists and engineers are not weeping. The largest astronomical body in our solar system has been reduced to a one line, single temperature. Forget magnetic flux ropes, solar weather, sun spots and jet streams. Who cares about polar fields, particle flow and proton storms. We’ve barely begun to understand the sun, but we Know These Things Don’t Cause Climate Change (because the models say so).

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