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Most policy proposals during party primary campaigns are essentially pipe dreams designed to attract the largest number of politically faithful voters who are also delightfully gullible.

This is a bipartisan tactic, which provides talking points to stress on the stump, to earnestly explain to us dummies listening to town halls and to argue over on televised debates. Unless you’re Donald Trump promising tax cuts and to defeat ISIS.

Since Democrats for the moment are the only ones with seriously-contested primary campaigns, we can examine what some of them are hankering for in their preliminary policy plans.

You’ll never guess what most of them want. Of course, you can. They’re Democrats.

They want more taxes, a lot more taxes. They need to take tons of extra cash from Americans to pay for all the “free” stuff they’re also advocating, like free college, Medicare for every breathing person in the country and reparations for slavery.

But don’t worry, gullible primary voter, it won’t be more taxes on you because, like everyone in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, you’re special.

It will instead be more taxes on – wait for it – evil rich people. You know, those “wealthy” Americans who drive a car, own a home or buy consumer products.

A lot of these money ideas will hit middle- and lower-income people. But perhaps they won’t notice the costs if they get sufficiently excited about all the “free” stuff.

So, let’s check a sampling of these plans, according to Bloomberg:

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