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by MacAoidh

I’ve said for a while that if the Democrat Party wants to irresponsibly and maliciously attach the “racism” tag to everyone who disagrees with their hideous policies – including pushing abortion in disproportionally black and brown communities, pandering to criminals who prey predominantly on inner-city blacks and Hispanics, locking minority children into a failed public educational system designed to create dutiful leftists without the skills needed for social mobility and savaging small businesses in areas they control which has the effect of robbing minority communities of jobs and entrepreneurship – that conservatives ought to respond in kind.

It wouldn’t be inappropriate to throw “racism” right back in their faces, as leftists in America – and particularly white leftists like James Carville – are some of the most egregious racists this country has ever had. But as that carries with it an “I know you are, but what am I?” vibe to it, it won’t stick.

But what will, particularly as the current raft of leftist cultural aggressions drifts further and further toward Bizarro World, is the charge of pedophilia.

Today’s Democrat Party can deny it’s a bunch of pedophiles, but it’s tough to find much of anything Democrats are for which isn’t consistent with pedophilia.

Not all pedophiles are Democrats, and not all Democrats are pedophiles. But there’s a lot better relationship between the two than there ever was between Republicans and racists. And since truth and honor are long gone from American politics, it’s hard to see any reason why Democrats shouldn’t at least be called “groomers,” if not the Pedophile Party.

Who’s pushing the sexualization of children in schools and in the culture? Who’s turning kids trans? Who’s filling up school libraries with sexually explicit, if not pornographic, books? Who’s trying to get kids to think about their sexuality before they even have one?

And who’s writing scholarly treatises about “minor attracted persons” and how consent needs to be rethought?

Everyone knows that pedophilia is the next deviant behavior the Left will seek to normalize. Everyone knows it’s coming. It’s the next progression from birth control to the sexual revolution to normalization of homosexuality to gay marriage to transgenderism. It’s pedophilia and then it’s bestiality after that.

But most Republican politicians aren’t willing to pull that arrow out of the quiver. Even though the GOP base voters recognize the connection, it’s too rich for the blood of the party’s political class to go there.

Which is why you need Marjorie Taylor Greene. Because she’s called the Democrats the groomer party and doesn’t give a damn who gets upset. And last night, in an interview with 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl, a partisan hack pseudo-journalist looking to put MTG on display as a fringe political personality, she shot right between the eyes and didn’t hesitate to double down on the charge.

You’ve got to see this to believe it.

Scott Adams is correct. It is a fair response. And nothing MTG said in that clip is wrong. It’s completely defensible as a political statement.

Is it rude? Of course it is. They hate it like poison. But calling someone a groomer is no worse than calling them a racist, and Democrats do that with impunity.

There ought to be more of this. It ought to be standard-issue GOP politics to call a Democrat opponent a groomer or a pedophile.

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