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by Ace

This is a minor article, but it highlights an important question:
How much is society expected to contort itself to accommodate very strange people?
The law usually says, of people with disabilities, that society must make “reasonable accommodations.”
The “reasonable” seems to have been written out of that formulation in today’s Woke ClownWorld, and now society is demanded to make any and all accommodations to those who demand it.
Twenty years ago it was generally expected that if a person suffered from gender dysphoria, well, that’s a sad thing and we’ll make reasonable accommodations for such people, but that’s generally their burden to carry, not ours.
No longer. Now transgenderism is every person’s burden. We all have to help hump the load for transgenders. It’s no longer their gender dysphoria, it’s all of society’s: And we are now all compelled to join in Coerced Group Therapy for those with gender dysphoria, mandated to “affirm” their gender as if we were paid workers in a gender dysphoria clinic.
The Daily Mail reports on a guy who has had extreme — extreme — body modification surgery to realize his dream of becoming a “Black Alien.”
And he’s complaining that people give him funny looks in restaurant!
“I had my nostrils and ears removed, and my whole body, including my eyes, tattooed to look like a Black Alien (racist much?), and now the Normies act like I’m some kind of weirdo!”


I’ve tattooed my entire body and removed my ears, nostrils and fingers to look like a ‘black alien’ – and now restaurants won’t serve me* Anthony Loffredo, 33, from France, turned himself into an alien through surgery
* Known as the Black Alien Project, and has removed his nostrils, ears and more
* He has revealed he can’t eat at restaurants anymore due to his appearance

He also had most of his upper lip removed to give him a permanent alien teeth-exposed snarl.

A man who had extreme body modification procedures to look like a ‘black alien’ revealed he can’t eat in restaurants anymore.Anthony Loffredo, 33, from France, dreams of becoming a ‘black alien’ and has put his body through several procedures to remove his ears, nostrils and some of his fingers in order to achieve the look.
Speaking to LadBible TV, the Frenchman has admitted that his extreme look has earned him some criticism, and that local restaurants won’t serve him on the terrace anymore.
Anthony, who took up body modification because he felt he was born in a body he didn’t belong in, said he has had to make his peace with people who are ‘close minded.’


‘If I want to eat at a restaurant, sometimes the server says I can’t eat on the terrace,’ the Alien wannabe said.

Go on.
He says that his mental illness has helped other people.

He added that changing his body to look more Alien-like has boosted his self-confidence, saying: ‘There are people that said thanks to me as they feel more secure now. That now the looks they get from other people, don’t bother them.’Anthony has already covered his body – including his eyeballs – in tattoos and removed his nose and top lip in his bid to look like a ‘black alien’.
…Despite Loffredo undergoing a number of surgical procedures – not least to split his tongue in half and remove his ears – he revealed that he is still ’44 per cent’ of the way to his goal of becoming a ‘black alien’.

In addition to having metal inserted into his head to change the shape of his skull, he’s had two fingers removed from his left hand to make it into a “claw.”
He’s also added metal rings to his forearm. He says this is to give his arm a “gilled” look.
Does he know what gills are?


He’s considering genital surgery, too:

Loffredo has undergone surgery to have a hole cut through the skin below his bottom lip. He often posts images to Instagram of himself poking his forked tongue through the hole….In a previous Instagram post, he had hinted at splitting his penis in two, prompting one social media user to reply: ‘I knew you were stupid… but that much??’
…The latest transformative procedure comes after Loffredo had his nose and top lip removed. He later confessed that he now struggles to speak.
He had his nose removed last year in Spain as the procedure is illegal in France.
Other than piercing and tattooing, body modifications that result in injury are illegal in many European countries.

He’s just on a journey of self-actualization, he says.

When he was working as a security guard in his twenties, he realised he was not living in the way that he wanted to.

This is all about him feeling more like the Black Alien he knows he really is. It’s not about scaring normal people or anything.

The striking-looking individual said he loved ‘getting into the shoes of a scary character’.‘I often settle down somewhere and play a role, especially at night in the dark streets,’ he said.

Well, okay, sometimes maybe it is.
Our nation has been providing reasonable accommodation to those who need it for decades.
Now we are being demanded to provide all of the most unreasonable of accommodations, too.
The most intimate of accommodations: F*** a transgender on demand, or you’re Literally Killing them.

We don’t accept transwomen as “real women.” The people saying that are either being nice, virtue signalling, or doing the minimum necessary to not get cancelled by the deranged, hateful, lunatic trans extremist enforcement battalions. Someone just saying “yeah transwomen are women” to shut you up is not going to take your Feminine D!ck in his mouth to prove he really means it.
Well, I mean: Some will.
But leave the rest of us alone.
I think it was Tim Pool — maybe — who said something like, if a straight, normal man began talking about who he thought he had the “right” to date, and aggressively insulted those who denied his “right” to date them, we would call him a toxic incel and keep our eyes on him for potential future violence against the people “oppressing” him by denying him his “rights.”
But when a trans dude claims you have to date him, it’s just… what? Fighting for freedom?

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