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JeffG @ Protein Wisdom:

So writes Michael Hirsch, who evidently missed the portion of the testimony where we learned that a State Department official emailed the Libyan government on September 12 that the consulate attack was in fact a terrorist operation — specifically identifying Ansar al-Sharia in the email.

And as the Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes, who broke the story on the Benghazi talking points, notes in today’s TWS podcast, this means that the CIA, the Libyan government, the consulate staff, and now the State Department — which provided the information to the Libyan governmentwere all aware that the attack in Benghazi was a terrorist operation and that there was never a spontaneous “protest” sparked by a YouTube video. And it reinforces Hayes’s earlier revelations that the CIA’s talking points were altered at the direction of the White House and State Department — which the White House now maintains was the change of a single word for “stylistic” reasons.

UN Ambassador Susan Rice would have known that the Benghazi attack was perpetrated by Islamic terrorists days before appearing on Sunday morning news shows; Hillary Clinton, whom Gregory Hicks in his testimony today claims he briefed on the attacks (and the nature of the attacks) at 2 AM that morning, would have known this before standing over the casket of Ambassador Stevens pretending that anti-Muslim hate coming from inside the US prompted the attack that killed the Ambassador and ultimately the two SEALS involved in a rescue effort; and most certainly Obama would have known this, even had he gone to sleep in preparation for his night with Beyonce.

And at least Obama, if not the rest, would have known that a special forces team was available and en route to help rescue remaining personnel before being ordered to stand down — something that Panetta has suggested wasn’t possible given the fluid nature of the events.

Making that money we spent in Pakistan running commercials apologizing for the anti-Muslim HATE that prompted the “protests” during which our Ambassador was murdered a very material attempt at both a cover up and a financial fraud: taxpayer money was spent to perpetuate a known falsehood for the purpose of misleading the American public and adding layers to a lie. That is, to promote a cover story. Which, I would suggest to Mr Hirsch, is one of the premier warning signs that a cover up is afoot.

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