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By Jennifer Harrison

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg announced on taking office he would not prosecute even some very violent crimes.

Almost immediately after he distributed his now-infamous Day One memo, two police officers were killed and a few others shot.

A 19-year-old girl was shot and killed working at a Harlem Burger King. 

He is incompetent, and we knew this would happen — I and others warned of it during the campaign.

And that was way before he woke up one day and decided a former US president is one of the few people he would actually prosecute.

Things have not gotten better, only progressively worse (pun intended).

In his first year, Bragg downgraded 52% of felonies to misdemeanors — compared with 39% downgraded in 2019 — and had a dismal 51% conviction rate for felonies he did charge.

No one is safer as he promised as a result of his delusion and diversions.

Bragg released a woman who participated in the brutal killing of a US veteran on time served after only 14 months.

In Alvin Bragg’s New York, you can literally get away with murder.

But don’t you dare defend yourself or his office will prosecute you as the criminal while treating your attacker as the victim — just as he did with bodega clerk Jose Alba, who ended up fleeing Gotham for the safety of the Dominican Republic.

A customer’s boyfriend attacked Alba after the woman refused to pay for a bag of chips.

She also stabbed Alba, who in self-defense grabbed a knife and ultimately killed the boyfriend.

Guess who was the only person to face charges in that case?

Not the woman who stabbed Alba. Only Alba, the victim, was charged.

Alvin Bragg is not a champion for the little guy. He is no hero. He is a criminal enabler.

Plain and simple

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