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These freaks make me want to type f words that I don’t allow others to use here just to emphasize how much I hate them. Of course subhuman scumbuckets are one of the few topics that the left and right agree on…for the most part. That says a lot about them. Both the left and right agree they are horrible people worthy of mutual hatred and perhaps being vomited on or something. Sorry to get so grotesque, but they really piss me off.

So heres a quick run down on these soulless creatures.


The church release called Pennsylvania an “evil state” and said Snyder stood up “and declared war on God and his church” with the lawsuit.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the church saying it has the right to free speech in any public place.

The news that the church planned a protest at the funeral of the seven children of Ted and Janelle Clouse was attacked by U.S. Sen. Bob Casey.

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