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by Sundance

After the western alliance previously swore that NATO would not put any member NATO state on the doorstep of Russia, a promise that was weak and viewed by many as false – ultimately influencing the decision by Russia, NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg said today that Ukraine will be joining NATO as soon as the conflict is concluded.
Now, given that statement, why would Russia even fathom entering any type of peaceful resolution to the conflict.  In essence, Stoltenberg has just turned the conflict in Ukraine into a zero-sum issue for Russia.  The only way Russia can keep NATO away from its border is to win violently against Ukraine.
Do you really believe the United States would be okay with Russia establishing forward military bases in Mexico or Canada?  Why should Russia permit U.S. and NATO military bases on its borders?
We almost went to war when Russia was assisting Cuba with weapons and missiles, and the U.S. will not permit any Russian interests in North America.  Why should Russia accept U.S. interests on their doorstep?

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