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by Ace

It’s their money, of course.
But they can take their threats and shove them up their asses.
Maybe we’ll stop opposing efforts to tax the hell out of corrupt smug billionaires.

Cheney, who represents the state of Wyoming, is unlikely to lose any of her major contributors even if she is ousted as an official leader within the House Republican caucus, according to donors who spoke to CNBC.Some even say they will withhold contributions to anyone who opposes Cheney. That signals a split in the wealthy Republican donor ranks between big-money financiers who continue to back former President Donald Trump and those more aligned with Cheney’s views that Joe Biden won the 2020 election fair and square.
Eric Levine, who is an owner of the law firm Eiseman Levine and a Republican fundraiser, told CNBC on Wednesday in an email that Cheney’s business supporters plan to continue to back her. Those donors, he said, are concerned about Trump’s influence over the Republican Party and how those forces will impact future elections. Levine gave over $2,800 to a Cheney joint fundraising committee in the first quarter, records show.
“With but a few exceptions, that group appears to be uniformly supportive of Cheney and very concerned about Trumpism,” Levine said. “Republicans can only win if we can make substantial inroads in the suburbs and with women. Donald Trump is a proven loser in those precincts,” he added.

One thing we’ve all learned about neocons/neoliberals: they’re liars. They’re deceivers. They’re con artists.
They are uniformly more liberal than the average Republican — as liberal as the average Democrat in many cases — but will never admit to this.
What they always do is claim “We’re on your side on these issues, buuuuut we just can’t win if we press them! So why we’d dearly looooove to seal the border, we just caaaan’t right now!”
We can, of course, always spend our political capital on tax cuts for the rich and wealthy corporations.
Just not on any of the stuff we prioritize.
Trump was a particularly important political figure for demonstrating that yes, you can win by running on these issues, and running hard on them.
This is part of why the leftwing of the GOP despises him so badly: he took away their evergreeen “We’d love to be conservatives for a change but it’s not politically feasible right now” excuse-making.
So now they’re adapted that slightly — very slightly — into “We have to win liberal suburban woke Karens.”
Who just happen to be very liberal.
Funny how “political realities” and “the political math” and “the current political climate” always dictate we do what the leftwing semi-Republicans demand we do!
But remember: It’s always a good time to do whatever unpopular shit the wealthy liberal donors want us to do, like give them tax cuts.

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