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We were made the promise over the past year that racist Republicans in GA arranged for minorities to be blocked from voting.
In light of record turnouts over the past weeks, we need to revisit all of those people and entities who railed again the voter integrity law

Joe Biden called this new law among the most racist policies to come around in generations. It echoed our racist past, it was a return to the Jim Crow era, Jim Crow on steroids, it was ”Jim Eagle” according to the President.
We await a White House correction on this matter.
Stacey has long opposed the new GA law, all while claiming for years she actually won the governor’s race.
“There are provisions in it that are racist”, she has said, while selling the idea it was voter suppression.

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincy went on CNBC to decry the election law.
He also sent a corporate memo to employees stating ”we are disappointed in the outcome of the Georgia voting legislation”.
Major League Baseball pulled last year’s all-star game out of Atlanta as a result of the law’s passage.
Doing so was a severe loss to the black-owned businesses in the area, as the game was brought to the lily-white state of Colorado.
The Atlanta Falcons followed suit by issuing its own statement of opposition.

Not learning from them, the Atlanta Hawks also felt the need to chime in.

Delta Airlines, using Atlanta as it hub, was another local business that needed to lecture the state on politics.

Mercedes is the named sponsor of the Falcons NFL stadium. It wrote on the law, to employees:

“MBUSA… stands against efforts which discourage eligible voters to participate in this vital process.”

Georgia-based Home Depot was another trying to sound supportive while striving to avoid controversy. The company told its employees it supports open elections.

“We believe that all elections should be accessible, fair, and secure and support broad voter participation.”

The CEO of Black Rock, Larry Fink, posted on LinkedIn opposition to Georgia’s voting law.

“BlackRock is concerned about efforts that could limit access to the ballot for anyone. Voting should be easy and accessible for ALL eligible voters.”

The Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta:

“Concerns remain in our region and across the state with aspects of SB 202. We will carefully monitor this legislation’s implementation.”

Insurance corporation AFLAC Had something to say on the law’s passage.

“We remain committed to our previously stated principles that voting should be easy, accessible, secure and transparent. We have been engaged in the process and will continue to be actively involved.”

MicroSoft also spouteed off on the law.

“It’s clear to us that the new law contains important provisions that needlessly and unfairly make it more difficult for people to vote.”

United Parcel Service was called on to be boycotted by Donald Trump over its protest to the law.

“We echo the statement by the Metro Atlanta Chamber and stand ready to continue to help in ensuring every Georgia voter has the ability to vote.”

By no means the last voice, Dan Rather exemplifies the hysteria with his unthinking support of Abrams on the law.


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