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You may want to show this article to your historical, Monday-morning quarterback friends who say, “If I was alive in Germany circa 1933, I’d have DONE something!”

We the People are currently somewhere between the time to “stand up and say something” and digging a large, final stop perma-pit in the Pocono Mountains forest.

Let’s run down a checklist of historical tyrant moves President Biden and his myrmidons have pulled off in the 2.5 years since winning the White House:

  • Unleashing violent street mobs — ✅ (this technically started earlier)
  • Locking up political enemies — ✅
  • Trying to confiscate guns — ✅
  • Cracking down on human rights — ✅
  • Separating kids from parents — ✅
  • Indoctrinating kids — ✅
  • Demonizing the other side — ✅
  • Censoring the news/information — ✅
  • Stasi, KGB, FBI, CIA — ✅

Did Mao, Stalin, or Hitler try to force their people to take funk-nasty vaccines, or is that a Biden thing?

We can add new, purely-American dimensions of tyranny if we include forcing people to chew food with useless masks over their faces, school kids eating in the rain, and forbidding the unvaccinated to buy a cup of coffee in a NYC diner, just to name a few.

Did I miss anything? Please leave it in the comments if I did.

Biden’s DOJ is actively trying to imprison President Trump — arguably the best person to stop the leftists’ push to enslave us — over where certain papers were stored, a “crime” Biden has committed many more times over than Trump, though it’s questionable if it’s even a crime for the former president.

Keeping secret documents is the least of Biden’s potential crimes.

FACT-O-RAMA! There is a mountain of evidence suggesting that Biden took mad stacks from the Chinese commies and is now doing their bidding. It’s the definition of treason. Biden knows he is looking at prison if Trump isn’t curtailed. It’s not hyperbole to suggest that Biden will hand the nation over to the globalists to keep him and his crack-tootin’ progeny out of the hoosegow.

Like all tyrants, Biden enriches himself as Americans struggle financially. The scamps in the White House keep us donnybrooking over the need for tampon machines in high school men’s rooms to distract us from watching Biden’s renegades in the DOJ summoning up some legal sorcery to keep Hunter’s and the “Big Guy’s” criminal empire under wraps.

The left also gavages us the science-denying narrative that men can menstruate to see who will — and will not — be controlled. And if your evil little critical-thinking mind disagrees, you deserve to get a first-class, Billy-Mummy ticket to the cornfield.

Or, as George Orwell wrote in “1984,” 2+2=5.

I’d also like to point out that the left has decimated our nationwide police departments — a potential para-military threat to the Great Reset — by “defunding” them or simply empowering criminals to the point cops are quitting or retiring in record numbers. Crime is out of control, but that’s part of the plan.

You’re better off handing your wallet to a yobbo in a big, blue city than defending yourself against the Tsotsi. If you hurt one of the Democrats’ delinquent darlings, you just might end up in prison for 20 years.

FACT-O-RAMA! Did I mention I am not suicidal, my brakes are working fine, and I don’t live in Seth Rich’s “dangerous” neighborhood?

Remember, the globalist communist in the White House can’t have We the People feeling all safe and prosperous. Crime and inflation are all part of the plan.

KDJ, any good news for us?

Yes, a ton.

The Bidens are in full panic mode. Even the lefty stalwarts in the news are asking questions about the Biden crime syndicate pay-to-play scheme — which seems to be approaching racketeering — even if it took them 532 days to do so.

Students got an overdose of Pride in June and began to revolt. Parents are standing up against adult content in their kids’ libraries at the risk of ending up on an FBI watchlist.

Much to the Bidens’ disdain, whistleblowers from the FBI and the IRS are popping up like pimples on prom night.

We’ve got this, I promise.

The future of the nation relies on us. Don’t sit still. They are coming for your kids and grandkids. There is no time for “Let’s just see what happens.”

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