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We know that the U.S. was defrauded into entering into Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

The first fraud was committed by the Obama administration, which deliberately misled the American people and created an echo chamber to amplify and sustain that fraud.

But don’t take my word for it, take the word of the Obama official who coordinated it, Ben Rhodes, who admitted as much in an NY Times interview. See our prior posts, Grand Deception: How Obama and Ben Rhodes Lied Us Into the Iran nuke deal and The Five Deceptions of Obama-Rhodes Echo Chamber

There was a second fraud, by the Iranians. That fraud, which involved hiding and secreting evidence of its advanced nuclear weapons program, was just exposed by thousands of documents and CDs the Israeli Mossad stole from right under the Iranians’ noses at one of its most secret locations, Netanyahu Reveals Newly Discovered and Damning Intel on Iran Nuclear Program.

The echo chamber which supported the Iran nuclear deal has gone into overdrive to try to minimize the importance of what Iran hid from everyone. But as Benny Avni explained in The NY Post, Iran’s past lies are very important now:

Critics of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “Iran Lied” presentation on Monday quickly opined that it contained nothing new and, since it didn’t point to violations since the 2015 Iran deal, it in fact showed Tehran is in full compliance….

Can we really trust we know Iran’s current nuclear status without accounting for what happened in the past? Not according to some who know how nuclear inspections actually work. It’s difficult to say whether Iran is advancing in its nuclear program without completely accounting for what it did before.

As Olli Heinonen, a former deputy director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said in a press call shortly before the Iran deal was signed, “When the agreement comes in force, there will be a complete declaration by Iran on its . . . past and current nuclear program. That’s the first prerequisite.”

Well, Iran never actually agreed to make such a declaration. Although the IAEA professionals know such accounting is necessary, American and European negotiators didn’t insist on it.

Instead, they bought generalized public declarations by Iranian officials. As Netanyahu showed in his presentation, those included statements by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, President Hassan Rouhani and the ever-smiling Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. All said pursuing nuclear bombs is, literally, against their religion.

They lied about their religion. Who could have seen that one coming.

But it goes beyond that. One of the best explanations as to why the deception matters was by David Horovitz, Editor in Chief of The Times of Israel, Derisive response to PM’s exposé shows world still refusing to get real on Iran:

The largely derisive response in most international quarters to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s avalanche of evidence of Iran’s nuclear weapons program on Monday night, notably from among the nations that negotiated the 2015 nuclear capitulation to Iran, merely underlines their incompetence, their failure, their disingenuousness, and the gravity of the ongoing Iranian threat that they so reprehensibly failed to defuse.

Showcasing the Mossad’s astonishing haul of Iran’s own nuclear weapons documentation, Netanyahu did not seek to claim that Israel had attained smoking gun evidence that Iran has breached the terms of the P5+1’s 2015 agreement with the ayatollahs. The critics sneering at his ostensible failure to produce a post-2015 smoking gun are — most deliberately, as is their wont — missing the point.

Israel does not contend that Iran is breaching the specific terms of that radically inadequate accord. Quite the contrary.

It is Israel’s deeply unhappy assessment that the deal is so negligent, so misconceived, so badly constructed, that the Iranians have no need whatsoever to breach it. (I set out many of the central flaws in the accord at the time it was finalized, in an article headlined “16 reasons nuke deal is an Iranian victory and a Western catastrophe.”)

Horovitz goes on to demonstrate why Iran’s now-proven intent on creating nuclear weapons, as it claimed at the time was demonstrated by the supposed fact that it never had a nuclear weapons program, is so important:

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