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By Tristan Justice

Capitol police appeared to let a mass of Trump demonstrators right into the Capitol building at one entry point Wednesday after the crowd breached the perimeter surrounding the complex.

“I disagree with it but I respect what you’re trying to do,” one officer can be heard in the video.

Brief skirmishes at other points of entry bought little time for people inside to prepare for the coming siege. Once police lines broke, security became overwhelmed at the size of the mob breaking through, with some of the rioters armed with a form of pepper spray. Clashes occurred at various entrances.

After breaching the Capitol complex, rioters smashed doors, shattered windows, ravaged offices, and breached both legislative chambers, interrupting congressional business and prompting members to hide or evacuate, culminating in some of the most devastating security failures since the War of 1812. Top officials charged with protecting the nation’s seat of government resigned in the aftermath, following top lawmakers’ demands to step down.

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