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The world is crossing its fingers (even Maxine Waters)…

Live Feed:

The following is a rough outline of President Trump’s schedule for the (all times are Singapore local time):

  • 09:15 Trump to meet North Korean leader Kim at the Capella Hotel, Sentosa (estimated to be a 45 minute meeting)
  • 10:00 A bilateral meeting, involving Pompeo, Kelly & Bolton
  • 11:30 Working lunch
  • 16:00 Trump
  • 18:30 Trump leaves for Air Force One
  • 19:00 Departs Singapore

POTUS exits his limo…

Kim exits his limo…

Kim’s motorcade arrives at the summit hotel…

POTUS arrives at the hotel:

Kim heading to The Summit…

Trump heading to the hotel where the Summit is being held…

Activists hold a vigil outside the White House to celebrate the joint summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held in Singapore.

*  *  *

After a year of vitriolic sound, fiery tweet fury, and hidden diplomacy, the day has arrived when President Trump will meet face-to-face with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore on Tuesday.

Kim prepared by sightseeing some of Singapore’s finest nightlife…

And selfies with the Singapore minister of Foreign Affairs…

And after meeting with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong…

Trump’s team hunkered down…

A successful summit could lead to a peace that has been elusive for 50 years; an unsuccessful summit would offer the left yet more ammunition to attack the current administration as having been ‘duped’ and before the summit had begun, Trump had some choice words for the naysayers… ” The fact that I am having a meeting is a major loss for the U.S., say the haters & losers,” Trump tweeted, then explaining where they are wrong: “We have our hostages, testing, research and all missle launches have stopped, and these pundits, who have called me wrong from the beginning, have nothing else they can say! We will be fine!”

And sure enough, just an hour before the historic meeting, the House Democrats chimed in with Nancy Pelosi explaining solemnly what a “historic opportunity” this was – setting the scene for their post-summit PR blitz to play down any and every achievement – and furthermore demanding that the ever-so-helpful Congress “must weigh in on any US-North Korea deal.”

Democrats say they are hope Trump can pull a strong deal off, though they express worry he could accept a bad deal just to secure an agreement.

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