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by Ace

This isn’t journalism, this is gangsterism.
They published her full name and a link to her address, as well as to her real estate license, which of course was done solely for the purpose of generating politically-motivated professional complaints against her and depriving her of her income.
That’s what they always do. That’s the entire point now of “journalism.”
I will not be publishing any of that.
They also want you to know she’s a Jew and furthermore, one of the really bad, really weird Jews that it’s okay to hate.


Note that Orthodox Jews are being routinely punched out on the street in New York City so well done Washington Post.
Are you aiming for a knockout or a kill?

Taylor Lorenz — the heinously ugly goblin hag who lies ridiculously about her age so she can appear “young” to the teenage TikTokers who are her beat — actually got off her couch for once to harass LibsofTikTok’s relatives, knocking on their doors and demanding they answer questions about their family member for a piece intended to get her unemployed, harassed, and possibly physically assaulted or killed.

I find it deeply suspicious that Twitter returned LibsofTikTok’s control of her account just in time for her to be doxed.
I didn’t cover this, because I don’t know how much you care about internet-inside-baseball, but Taylor Lorenz was whining a couple of weeks ago about people harassing her online.
Taylor Lorenz’s entire career consists of harassing people online.
She was the one who doxed Pamela Gellar’s tweenaged daughters. They each had their own careers as Instagram influencers, and did not advertise their relationship with their controversial mom. They did not go by their full names.
Taylor Lorenz doxed these tweenaged girls to hurt their careers just because she didn’t like their mom’s politics.
She also falsely accused a Silicon Valley entrepreneur of saying the r-word (correction: the r- word, not the n- word — they look the same on the screen!) in an online chat hangout although he clearly did not, and a simple review of the tape would have established that, and later did establish that. But she wanted a scalp and so spread this possibly career-ending defamation.
Because she’s a Real Reporter.

And also, she really hates Online Harassments. She hates bullies!
Her entire career is doxing. And also, absurdly lying about her age as she rapidly decrepifies so that she can say How Are You Doing, Fellow Kids? in creepy DMs to tweens.
OK Goblin Groomer.
At no point in her piece does Lorenz make LibsofTikTok’s identity relevant to the story at all. She does not somehow weave LibsofTikTok’s personal biography into the story of the account to show how she came to launch her crusade against wokeness in schools; she does not show how her upbringing made her resentful of teachers abusing their positions of influence over children.
No. There is not even the pretense that LibsofTikTok’s name, address, or profession is in any way connected to anything newsworthy here. This is nakedly a case of gangster “journalism” — you have an nice life here, ay? Would be a shame if someone were to turn it upside down and tell violent political-obsessive psychopaths where to find you, where to find your children, and what you all looked like, ay?

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