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by Ace

American journalism is back, baby!

The Washington Post ended its false claims project for President Donald Trump on Wednesday and has no current “plans” to start a new database for President Joe Biden, the paper told the Daily Caller.Throughout Trump’s four years as president, The Post’s fact checkers said that he made 30,573 false or misleading claims — this number was revealed shortly after Biden officially became the 46th president. Glenn Kessler, editor and chief fact checker for The Post’s fact checking team, tweeted that he “never would have believed this number was possible when” they “started four years ago.”

Trump’s departure also equals an end to having a false claims project for the current president, as The Post said it does “not have plans to launch a Biden database at this time.” Trump’s database began a month after he became president, The Post’s director of communications Shani George told the Caller.

In fairness, would you fact-check The Avengers?!?!

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