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by Don Surber

Economy got you down? Are people chanting F-bombs at you? Do polls show only 21.8% of your countrymen would re-elect you despite widespread support two years ago?
Well, bub, have I got good news for you. All you need is a war. The Russo-Ukraine War has been very, very good to Putin, Zelensky and CNN.
Just last July, Zelensky was on the ropes. He was doing worse than Biden at the time.
EU Observer reported, “President Volodymyr Zelensky has begun the third year of his presidency mired in mid-term unpopularity with a poll published last month showing that only 21.8% of Ukrainians would vote to re-elect him.
“More than half would prefer him not even to run for a second term.
“It’s a steep decline from the 73% support that swept him to power so dramatically two years ago and a measure of badly voters think he has done to deliver on his promise of change.”
But the invasion of his country and the destruction if city after city have made him a rock star. On Sunday night he appeared at the Grammys via a video. All hail the Conquered Hero. Anti-military lefties are suddenly gung-ho about war — as long as they do not have to fight it.
We will see how they feel about it next year.
Then there is Putin. His popularity hit 83%.
That’s pretty good for a fellow who invaded a country and then saw his army chewed up by a smaller force. His economy also is in tatters, although to be fair his 20 years of rule have kept his country down.
But the economic sanctions that Biden and company imposed on Russia provide a good excuse for empty store shelves and the like. Never mind that the sanctions hurt the NATOsphere harder than it hit Russia. The sanctions are the dog that ate Putin’s homework.
As for Biden, he is blaming Bidenflation on Putin. So far the public is not buying it. What matters is how the public feels a month before the election.

War of course helps defense contractors, which helps the generals because they all want to cash in as consultants when they retire.
The war is even helping to save CNN.
Deadline reported that in the first quarter — January, February and March — CNN’s ratings rose.
The story said, “Fox News averaged 2.86 million viewers in primetime, up 19% from the same month a year earlier. MSNBC averaged 1.28 million, down 29%, and CNN averaged 1.22 million, up 1%.”
1% growth is negligible but it beats the 29% plunge at MSNBC. Maddow’s sabbatical is costing the fake news channel bigly.
War. What is it good for? Absolutely plenty!

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