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by Jordan Schachtel

An American man in a wig pretending to be a woman, who also served as a former (and possibly a current) federal informant, who now claims the status of a “front line” Ukrainian soldier, has been making the rounds in the corporate media ginning up support for the Ukraine money pit operation.
In an interview with CBS News that now has 361 thousand views on Twitter, “Sarah” Ashton-Cirillo, who is described as a woman, but was previously known as Michael John Cirillo, transmitted a defiant dispatch from the apparent front lines of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Before heading to Ukraine, Ashton-Cirillo, who is also a left wing activist, had worked with the FBI in sting operations against Republican candidates for political office.

Before and After

In the interview, Ashton, wearing a gigantic bandaid on his face, says he lost part of his hand in an attack. The camera then pans to Ashton’s hand in a sling, with a Ukrainian flag wrapped around it. The CBS team claims that Ashton is joining the morning show “from the trenches” of the front line, despite zero evidence showcasing this

In an earlier social media post Ashton-Cirillo claimed he “was hit” and has “permanent” injuries. In the video, he tells someone nearby, “yeah I’m fine,” before proclaiming that “victory is ours because we are Ukraine.”

After being “evacuated” from the front lines, he posted an appeal for PayPal donations.

On the real front lines of the conflict, Ukraine and Russia are engaged in brutal trench warfare, with both sides losing a reported thousands of soldiers on a weekly basis. There is an incredibly short lifespan for service members on the front lines, where artillery fire and other forms of heavy munitions are constantly being launched back and forth.
How exactly Ashton-Cirillo had the time or the resources to FaceTime with the CBS anchor from the “front line” remains unknown.
Wag The Dog – Trans Edition is just the latest in a series of continually absurd pieces of pro-Kiev agitprop that have been on display for the entirety of the war. And Ashton is far from the only U.S.-based media person who is tied to the intelligence community to become a propagandist for this war.

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