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Patrick Richardson @ PJMedia:

If President Barack Obama is reelected, it seems certain “Obamacare” will be fully implemented. Dr. Rick D. Schoeling, a primary care physician in Pittsburg, Kansas, tells PJM that if he were in the position of considering medical school today, he would choose to avoid medicine entirely:

Oh no, no way. Nine out of 10 physicians right now recommended that their family not become physicians. It used to be families would all be in medicine; not anymore.

Schoeling, who graduated in 1986 from the well-regarded University of Kansas School of Medicine, said the effects of Obamacare, if it were to be fully implemented, would be far-reaching and detrimental:

We will lose a lot of the patient/physician relationship, in that instead of me recommending to the patient what kind of screening test or things like that, it’ll be much more of a cookbook kind of thing.

That fundamentally isn’t the expensive thing, but that’s been the thing that most physicians treasure, most patients treasure — that ability to have that open communication and that control over your patients’ health care.

Many critics of the legislation say millions of people will move from private insurance — already expensive for doctors to manage — into the Medicare and Medicaid systems. It’s a move which will put a strain on doctors, who already struggle to break even on the Medicare and Medicaid patients they have.

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