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A video from 2016 has resurfaced of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) screaming and interrupting then-presidential candidate Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Detroit, MI.

At the time Tlaib served as a Michigan state representative.

The event took place on August 8, 2016, while Trump addressed the Detroit Economic Club about his economic policy.

Tlaib then stood up and screamed, “You guys are crazy!” to the audience members. Security grabbed her by the arms and took her to the exit. Other protestors called Trump a racist, screamed “tiny hands, tiny hands” and “shame on you!”

One audience member yelled at Tlaib, “You’re an animal, get a job!”

Trump remained calm the whole time. He waited until security to remove Tlaib before he continued his speech.

The Detroit Economic Club’s spokesman explained after the chaos that authorities would investigate the protestors while the club planned to ban them from future events.

Tlaib attempted to justify her actions in an op-ed she wrote for The Detroit Free Press:

I have heard critics calling it unbecoming of a former state legislator. Well, I believe it is unbecoming of any American to not stand up to Trump’s hate-filled rhetoric and tactics. Growing up the daughter of Palestinian immigrants in Detroit, I was taught about how Walter Reuther, Coleman Young, Rosa Parks, Viola Liuzzo and other great Detroiters risked their lives for justice. I still remember at the age of 12, learning that segregation had been permitted only a couple of decades before I was born and that a woman’s right to vote was not even a century old. But it was great Americans who stood up, some dying for the cause, to make our country better.

I can’t describe the fear that gripped me when I rose in front of nearly 2,000 professionals at this tony, corporate setting. I watched as Trump supporters taunted the women who stood before me as they were aggressively and briskly led to the exits. I froze, feeling the anger around me that would make anyone tremble. Yet, I could only think of the unwavering love for my two sons to find the courage to do my own part.

I mean…you interrupted a business meeting, not a KKK or white supremacist meeting.

Of course it is Trump’s fault that Tlaib behaved this way at the speech. It’s never their fault.

The right reacted to the video on Twitter.

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