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What the hell is going on in the District of Columbia? Public officials think they can arrest reporters for shooting video at a public meeting? The guy in this clip is a reporter named Pete Tucker:


Here’s Reason producer Jim Epstein’s account of what happened leading up to the arrest (he shot the video above and was arrested and detained when he tried to leave):

About 30 minutes into the meeting, I witnessed journalist Pete Tucker snap a still photo of the proceedings on his camera phone. A few minutes later, two police officers arrested Tucker. I filmed Tucker’s arrest and the audience’s subsequent outrage using my cell phone.

A few minutes later, as I was attempting to leave the building, I overheard the female officer who had arrested Tucker promise a woman, who I presumed to be an employee of the Taxi Commission, that she would confiscate my phone. Reason intern Kyle Blaine, overheard her say, “Do you want his phone? I can get his phone.”

Here’s Epstein on Napolitano’s show discussing the arrests:

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