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Believe it or not, believe it or not, Cain’s team had to put this video out in order to debunk the insane claim from some on the left that … Cain supported segregation. Matt Lewis asked him a question during an interview about his memories of Jim Crow and he answered with a story about him and his brother as kids sneaking a drink from a “whites only” water fountain and comparing it to the water in a “coloreds only” fountain. The lesson Cain learned: “The water tastes the same! What’s the big deal?” i.e. segregation laws were so vicious and demeaning that they insisted on stigmatizing blacks even when doing so produced no material advantage for whites. Naturally, some liberals took his “water” comment to mean that he thought blacks were treated just as well as whites under Jim Crow, which, as I say, is insane unless you’ve fully assimilated the narrative that minority conservatives eagerly seek their own oppression. I wonder how much of that nonsense he’s had to deal with since becoming a prominent Republican. I’m almost afraid to ask.

Video here

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