Posted by Curt on 20 September, 2019 at 2:41 pm. 3 comments already!


Let me just say this:

We on the right have noticed that the supposedly inviolable rule against suggesting violence against political figures is plenty violable to the leftist media.

We’re noticing, and we’ll adjust our own levels of restraint accordingly.

And if the left thinks that puts their own favorites in too much danger — oh, welp!

The rules you make for me you make for yourself as well.

The Vice article is basically a celebration of America’s most famous female serial killer — they call her a “cult hero” — and then gets wistful about the possibility of another female serial killer taking out their enemies.

Oh — remember: “Rambo is too dangerous because it might give people bad ideas.” — leftist Bernie Bro and MSNBC superfan James Hodgkinson

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