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BTW, Plame wasn’t really undercover — real undercover CIA agents don’tdrive to work at the CIA headquarters every morning — but this womanseems to be.

Maybe she just wants more attention.

She seemed to really, really like attention.

Was Bikowiski Undercover?> She was, though some reporters had “deduced” her identity in 2001, and she now has a wikipedia page.

She was cited by the Washington Post as being involved in a “critical intelligence failure:”

However, Glenn Greenwald sure thinks he’s breaking new ground in publicly naming her as the CIA’s “Queen of Torture.”

NBC News yesterday called her a “key apologist” for the CIA’s torture program. A follow-up New Yorker article dubbed her “The Unidentified Queen of Torture” and in part “the model for the lead character in ‘Zero Dark Thirty.'”Yet in both articles she was anonymous.The person described by both NBC and The New Yorker is senior CIA officer Alfreda Frances Bikowsky. Multiple news outlets have reported that as the result of a long string of significant errors and malfeasance, her competence and integrity are doubted — even by some within the agency.

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