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by Sikh For Truth

Initially marketed to the public to “slow the spread,” vaccine passports now represent one of the most draconian aspects of the perverse digital new normal that has metastasized amid an atmosphere of seemingly endless emergency.
Everyone wants to get back to normal, but spoiler alert: Vaccine passports and their digital ID offspring are the opposite of normal, it’s their digital slavery abnormal. Vaccine mandates along with passports are a test run on our compliance; just wait, they will be coming for all of us next, vaccinated or not.
The UN agenda 2030 sustainable development goal 16.9, is what this is all about, digital ID for all. Vaccine passports are the precursor to fully fledged digital ID wallets. These biometric digital ID systems will give unelected globalists and technocrats, the richest of the rich, the power to cut your access to funds, health care, travel, food, or anything else whenever they please.

Once the vaccine passport box is fully opened, the masks disguising the totalitarians as democrats and liberals will finally be off, emerging though from a chrysalis as a fully-fledged totalitarian global world order.
For a long time, health authorities were promising us that if we did exactly what they asked for, the pandemic would come to an end. Unfortunately, they are now admitting that COVID is going to be with us permanently. Sir Jeremy Farrar, a WEF contributor and director of the Welcome Trust, recently said that “The Omicron’s emergence shows that the world is closer to the start of the pandemic than the end.”
It seems all this doom and gloom is never meant to end and we hear similar warnings by Sarah Gilbert that the next pandemic could be more lethal than that of Covid as she echoes Bill Gates. This new pandemic will threaten human lives and could be “more contagious” and “more lethal”, the Oxford / AstraZeneca Covid vaccine inventor warned.
And with recent news that there will be two more rounds of boosters to come, that’s right the 4th and 5th doses at 3-month intervals, the Government claims its ordered new ‘variant-proof’ Covid vaccines. “A new deal for 114m more jabs from Pfizer and Moderna will futureproof the country against coronavirus beyond the winter” Sajid Javid said.
The more we learn, the more we realise that this new variant is being used to further the Covid agenda. “The Omicron variant may have picked up pieces of the common-cold virus and that these genetic sequences do not appear in any earlier versions of the coronavirus, called SARS-CoV-2, but is ubiquitous in many other viruses including those that cause the common cold.” – All this for a common cold virus?
Italy is bringing in their new Super Green Pass. There is nothing super about it, its more restrictive than the standard pass. The Super Green Pass cannot be obtained via a negative PCR test anymore, meaning the unvaccinated will not be able to access restaurants, bars, cinemas, theatres, concerts, night clubs or sports stadiums after the 6th of December 2021.
In Germany, there are plans for vaccine passports to expire six months after people have received their second jabs. Olaf Scholz, the incoming German chancellor said that he wants to treat everyone who fails to get a booster as unvaccinated. The new policy threatens to plunge millions of people back into effective lockdown through no fault of their own.
In Germany, Police have been checking and verifying people’s COVID vaccine on their local commutes. Is this the beginning of the new health dictatorship abnormal? It certainly looks that way.
Von der Leyan the European president has gone much further, she decreed: “It’s time to think about mandatory vaccination across the entire EU, the EU should consider mandatory vaccination.”

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