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This just in: “The United States has formally determined that Russia has committed crimes against humanity,” Harris said at the Munich Security Conference.
That’s rich coming from the Biden administration.
Harris did not say if Covid passports and mandates constitute a “crime against humanity.” Or if recommending “safe and 100% effective” vaccines violates informed consent and is a “crime against humanity.” Or if administering millions of experimental mRNA shots to children and young adults who are not statistically at risk and may already possess natural immunity despite known serious side effects like heart inflammation is a “crime against humanity.”
Nor did Harris discuss the Nord Stream pipelines explosion and whether attacking vital international infrastructure that keeps people from freezing to death in the winter is a “crime against humanity.”
The international community has the right to know whether the U.S. attacked the natural gas supply of a NATO ally’s population and whether it was attempting to frame Russia for the act of sabotage.
I support the United States when its government obeys the Constitutional charter that empowers it and responds to the will of the people. The Biden administration has no right to moralize to other countries on the international stage when it fails to act within moral and legal standards.
Seeing that the Biden administration cannot follow that very low standard, I would prefer the United States get its own house in order before ‘liberating’ corrupt nations around the world and attempting to integrate them into the so-called ‘international community.’ The Biden administration has more than enough to worry about at home before it should go looking abroad for monsters to destroy.


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