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by Ace:

I’m not kidding. I know people sometimes say these things off-handedly, but the CIA has been turned inside-out into an agency whose goal is not to defend America but to subvert and defeat it.

It must be disbanded.

Enough of these government-paid insurrectionists.

The commander of U.S. Central Command, Gen. Frank McKenzie, said Monday that after two months of looking into a widely reported claim that Russia paid bounties to the Taliban for the killing of U.S. troops still has not been verified…

There’s a bit more in the story including the fact that it’s apparently the CIA that is largely convinced this happened or is happening. Gen. McKenzie, without naming anyone in particular, said the people involved in the ongoing argument over this are “very emotional” but that he can’t afford to be. That makes sense because obviously if this were confirmed then the U.S. would have no choice but to urge the president to act.

But “All 17 Intelligence agencies” agree with the CIA’s assessment, right?


The hesitation over this story isn’t solely a matter of the military not being convinced of what the intel agencies are saying. Previous reporting from the Wall Street Journal stated that the NSA had “strongly dissented” from other intel agencies about the bounties claim. So even within the intel community there has been some doubt about this.

The fact that the CIA leaked this — to Adam Schiff, no less! — is proof that they must be disbanded.

In previous years, under previous presidents, the intelligence community was very careful about leaking claims like this.

Claims like this put the president in an impossible bind: either he can argue on behalf of Russia’s innocence, or he can launch a nuclear attack on Russia.

There’s really no middle path here. If Russia is killing US troops, we go to war.

So usually these things were handled secretly. Russia would be punished, but not in some high-profile way that would stir the public into demanding a nuclear retaliation on Russia.

But that’s not how the Obama-ized CIA rolls, now. Now, each and every unverified suspicion they have, each bit of Hot Goss collected from Igor “Iggy” Danchenko’s alcoholic friends at his local DC rum mill, is fit for immediate leaking to Adam Fucking Schiff and the whole of the GPSFusion-paid Black Ops Press.

Why, it’s almost as if elements of the Deep State, with a leadership cadre infiltrated into the highest positions of the CIA, are attempting a “color revolution” coup d’etat against their own (supposed) country.

This rolling campaign of anti-police street violence is killing Biden’s bid for the presidency — just look at private polling in crucial swing states such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, where law and order has become a decisive issue.

So why don’t Democratic leaders do more to condemn the violence and call for calm?

To understand their inaction, you need to step back and see street violence as one element of a coordinated “playbook” to dislodge President Trump, regardless of the outcome of the election.

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