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by Ace

“You know, that old saw.” — Dr. Evil

EXCLUSIVE: New details emerge about the attack on Paul Pelosi. @Miguelnbc shares what happened once police arrived.

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) November 4, 2022

Wait, can’t you see that? That’s right, because, as Thinkfluencer John Ekdahl tells me, NBC is now deleting that from their website and Twitter feed.
Why would they do that? Why would they hide their own report?
Well watch this cop The Blaze captured and guess.

I don’t think there’s enough evidence to establish the speculation that’s going around. But, there are reasons why people are asking questions, and you can see how The Regime reacts to facts that provoke questions to The Official Regime Narrative — they hide the facts.
Which is, of course, the main reason people don’t believe anything The Regime says and are forced, like Kremlinologists, to speculate about what’s really going on inside the Kremlin based on the tenor and flavor of the lies they’re telling today.
By the way, it’s officially Illegal to speculate baselessly about a Democrat. You can, of course, speculate baselessly about a Republican — Trump paid prostitutes to go pee-pee; Trump had those documents at Mar-a-Lago because he planned to sell them to the highest bidder among hostile foreign regimes (a real claim made by lefties on Twitter, which was not accompanied by a Twitter “fact” check) — so if you are going to speculate baselessly, use the name of a Republican instead of P.P. here. Call him “Jeb!” or something.
That will make everything Regime Compliant (TM).
Update! NBC now “clarifies” that they’re suppressing the report because it did not meet “NBC ‘News’ reporting standards,” by which they mean: It does not further the Democrats’ political agenda or electoral chances.


I denounce… whatever Election Denialist Mega MAGA extremely extreme extremist who created this toxic meme of Russian disinformation.
It is only the credentialed liars of the corporate propaganda media who are educated and intelligent enough to speculate beyond the officially-claimed facts.

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