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Thead by IanmSC:

Or look at how LA County has done compared to Texas

Maybe he should focus on how mask mandates have been doing in his own state:


Let’s play a game of “find the Midwest state that ended all its state-wide #COVID19 restrictions over 3 weeks ago”

Answer: it’s this one


Follow the science @PressSec

Of the top 15 US states in deaths per 100k population, 11 currently have mask mandates.

Of the 4 that don’t, only 1 has never mandated masks at any point. Oh and the largest counties in Arizona still require masks and have since June.

The St. Louis Metro area has had very different intervention strategies, with differences in mask mandates or dining closures

And it’s made absolutely no difference whatsoever

In fact, for basically all of 2021, the least restrictive county has had the best results


Here’s a Doctor saying that it is a “guarantee” Ohio would see a “fourth wave and it will be awful” if they stop wearing masks

Montana, Iowa and North Dakota all lifted mandates recently & saw their numbers drop significantly

They just keep making stuff up & media reports it


I want to apologize. I’ve been saying masks don’t work, but I was informed by a number of blue checks today that they work.

Got it? They just do, ok? It doesn’t matter if cases skyrocket w/mask usage. That just means they were working, but in mysterious ways.

So my apologies.

Back in July, multiple media outlets praised Rhode Island for “effective competence” & “engineering a big Covid comeback”. Did they credit masks? Of course they did!


Rhode Island now ranks 3rd in population adjusted deaths.

But we’re not supposed to question it! Masks work, ok?


Gavin Newsom: “Remember peasants, you don’t get your life back if you don’t do exactly as I say. It doesn’t matter if what I say hasn’t worked, even slightly…do what I tell you. I am the keeper of The Science, and I shall decide when I will bestow upon you a taste of freedom”

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