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Ready of not, here comes the propaganda!

So, who is Dr. Scott Gottlieb, and why should we care about whether or not he is “concerned”? Dr. Gottlieb was the commissioner of the FDA during the height of COVID, he is now is a CNBC contributor and is a member of the boards of Pfizer, genetic testing start-up Tempus, health-care tech company Aetion and biotech company Illumina. He also sits on the board for NEA, a global venture capital firm. My insider friends also say that Dr. Gottlieb is/was on advisory boards to the CIA. You know, that CIA – that founded Moderna as a start-up and continues to capitalize it via the CIA venture capital firm InQTel.

Yeh- no “conflict of interest” in his statement above, as Moderna, Pfizer stocks are rising amid “new Covid variants”.

Meanwhile, Pfizer is already pushing its updated COVID-19 shot, with headlines stating that there are data demonstrating that these revised products elicit neutralizing antibody activity against the “Eris” subvariant in mice. Eris and Pirola are the newest COVID-19 subvariants. There are NO validated correlates of protection for any Coronavirus vaccine, and the implication that murine neutralizing antibodies demonstrate “effectiveness” is absolutely disinformation. Or, in plainspeak, a clear lie. The same lie we were told in 2021 to justify the deployment of the original experimental gene therapy-based vaccines.

Propagation of Fearporn based on fake news and hype is now a validated method for Big Pharma to control governments and their populations . But are people buying it this time around?

One of my primary care physician colleagues wrote this to me yesterday:

Who would’ve thought that Covid would resurge as a concern for so many! I’m getting bombarded with calls and request for ivermectin, folks who are testing unnecessarily. Absolute panic out there once again.

So, yes- the fearporn is working.

Here are the data weekly new hospital admissions per 100,000:

As usual, there is only one group who is at any risk attributable to COVID at this point, and even that is a very low risk. That risk group being the age cohort 70+ years old. In the 70+ age group, about 3 people are being admitted to the hospital WITH COVID-19 per 100,000 per week. For all other age cohorts, the risk of hospital admission is near next to nothing.

Although I have not seen the primary data, some reports state that Eris may be more transmissible than other variants, but all indications are that it does not appear to be more severe than Omicron.

There is also a new variant called BA.2.86 and nicknamed Pirola. But so far, symptoms associated with that virus also appear to be mild.

So, ignore the alarms calls sounding from main-stream media.

Remember who is calling the shots for those media companies, and do your own research.

Don’t be conned.

When Pfizer Board of Director, Scot Gottlieb makes headline news that he is “pretty concerned” about this new variant, take a step back and remember his role in the “Twitter files”…

In 2021, Dr. Gottlieb tried to strong-arm Twitter to take down a post written Dr. Brett Giroir, another ex-commissioner of the FDA. Why? Because Dr. Giroir’s post explained that natural immunity was superior to vaccine protection. In that post, Dr. Giror asked the White House to “follow the science.” That is to exempt people with natural immunity from the vaccine mandates.

So, will Dr. Gottlieb work to advance the interests of his commercial clients, including Pfizer? Hell, yes!

Is he a fair and balanced commentator? Obviously not. Yet, there he is. Making headline news with doomsday reports about the newest variants, just before the new jab rollout…

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