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Alright, let’s break down the leaked Trump audio.

There is A LOT to go over here.

-DOJ leaked it, highly illegal
-All the docs Trump took were already declassified and legally his property
-Milley created a contingency to attack Iran when Trump backed out of Obama’s Iran Deal

Firstly, notice how the Dems always claim they care so much about the integrity of the law and respect the secrecy of ongoing investigations. Yet they have been leaking anything and everything that benefits them since 2016.

Not a single official in the Biden regime will utter a syllable about Hunter Biden due to the “ongoing investigation”. The FBI won’t reveal anything to the American People under the guise of “sources and methods”.

But all throughout the Mueller investigation, the Mar-a-Lago raid, Manhattan DA, etc.; leaks on top of leaks on top of leaks. People forget this is illegal, yet our corrupt DOJ/FBI do it all the time, without consequence. And ONLY to the detriment of Trump, never the other way around.

Secondly, Trump’s documents were already declassified. The documents belonged to him legally via the Presidential Records Act. And while the media are in a wild frenzy over this audio of Trump sharing the docs with his aids, they completely ignore that Biden’s aides and lawyers are the ones who allegedly found all of Bidens stolen classified documents at UPenn.

The only difference is, Trump was POTUS, Biden did this when he was VP. One is legal, one is not. Yet the MSM and the Left are foaming at the mouth over Trump’s legal handling of documents, and completely fine with Biden’s illegal handling of documents.

Lastly, and arguably most importantly, Trump legally held on to documents that prove corruption of the Deep State, in this case Milley planning a contingency to ASSAULT IRAN when Trump pulled out of Obama’s catastrophic Iran Deal.

While the Left-wing propagandists, with help from the DOJ/FBI leakers, are trying to leverage this story to be negative for Trump, they are conveniently ignoring the massive story exposing the Deep State plans to invade another Middle East country. With which they later blamed it all on Trump.

This audio leak shows the many levers of the Deep State working in unison to, once again, go after Trump. The DOJ/FBI leak information they gathered from an ongoing investigation, the MSM use it to smear Trump. Rinse repeat.

So when the DOJ/FBI illegally leaks information painting Trump negatively, that’s fine, but when Trump shuffles through declassified documents he owns legally, in private with his aides, thats worse than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor combined.

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This audio clearly shows that Trump DID NOT LEAK classified information to people lacking proper clearance. Trump didn’t reveal any *specifics* of the military’s plan to attack Iran which would, in turn, injure the country or be of any advantage to any other foreign government. Furthermore, he obviously didn’t know what was in the document (“It is LIKE highly confidential, secret.”) and obviously had never even read it. (“Isn’t it amazing? I have a big pile of papers.” “This thing just came up.” “All sorts of stuff. Pages long.”)

He retained possession of the documents because, when he was sole executive of the United States, he was the ONLY person who had the power to declassify then retain such documents. His openness about that “big pile of papers” clearly indicates that he thought he had a right to possess them, which he did. Since when are former Presidents subordinate to NARA, an administrative, bureaucratic agency? Besides, there are no criminal penalties or enforcement mechanisms for violating the PRA.

Furthermore, he clearly indicates that he retained those documents to PROTECT HIMSELF (“This wins my case, you know.”) What do people expect given the unprecedented illegal spying that his own government did on him? What do people expect when his own government tried to set him up by having him assassinate General Solemani, followed by the claim that he wanted to strike Iran? (“He [Milley] said that I wanted to attack Iran.”) Our government already assassinated one President in our lifetime. Would anyone be surprised if they discovered the government tried to get Iran to assassinate him, thereby getting rid of his inconvenient truths about Operation Crossfire while simultaneously creating a pretext for war with Iran?

The fact that the DOJ is using evidence like this to prosecute Trump for a violation of the Espionage Act while minimizing the actions of the Bidens, who should be prosecuted for violations of the Espionage Act, shows how utterly lawless the D.C. Cabal has become.

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