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by Ace

This “mistake” was deliberate. They knew at the time there was no basis for suppressing the story.
But once the censors have created a culture of censorship, they’ll censor anything they vaguely don’t “like” and trust that they can retroactively come up with a justification for doing so later.

Roth, under oath, made an attempt at a mea culpa, admitting Twitter’s decision to censor The New York Post’s bombshell stories on Hunter’s laptop was a “mistake.””At first glance, bore a lot of similarities to the 2016 Russian hack-and-leak operation targeting the DNC,” Roth testified. “And in that moment, with limited information, Twitter made a mistake,” he added, even though the Twitter Files showed a seeming willingness to construct a narrative to justify its decision to censor coverage of Hunter’s laptop. “Under the Distribution of Hacked Material policy, the company decided to prevent links to The New York Post’s stories about the laptop from being shared across the service,” Roth added, reiterating the outcome of its “mistake.”

Spence Brown points out that Twitter knew the laptop wasn’t “hacked materials,” as they claimed, within hours — but kept the ban on the story on, trying to brainstorm reasons for continuing a ban they knew was a mistake.
Former FBI lawyer James Baker suggested they just keep banning the story for whatever reason.

Is that a “mistake,” or is that a concerted effort to concoct a story to support their suppression of a relevant news story because its damaging to the Biden family?During a back-and-forth with Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Roth later couldn’t come up with a policy that the Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop violated — nor an allegedly required government finding that the laptop was the result of a hack — to meet Twitter’s policy regarding hacked materials.
Roth admits he called the Trump Administration’s staff “actual Nazis in the White House” on Twitter — but Twitter’s top lawyer and pro-censorship bitch never demanded the removal of that misinformation.
Only some misinformation is bad. Misinformation that excites Democrats gets them to vote for leftwing Marxist policies, which is a good thing, so that’s not misinformation at all.
I know Nancy Mace is a RINO but this is worth the watch:

AOC defends the decision to suppress a true story, and demands further censorship, particularly of LibsoTikTok.
She brings up LibsoTikTok’s exposure of Boston Children’s Hospital for performing transgender surgery on minors. Note it’s been proven that the Children’s Hospital does perform masectomies on little girls — so AOC pretends the only dispute was whether they perform hysterectomies on children, too. Yoel Roth agrees with all of this.

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