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by CDM

CDM can confirm information on the trips, and evidence, has recently been provided to the House Oversight Committee in Washington, D.C.

CDM can confirm that a team of Ukrainian investigators, and one eye witness, flew to the United States in 2018 to meet with officials of the Department of Justice, and many other U.S. agencies. The meetings lasted several days on the first trip, and included representatives from CIA, DIA, US Treasury, OFAC, FinCen, DHS, FBI, DoD and others.

Dozens of detailed presentations were given to these U.S. officials over a period of days, that described a spider network of corruption in Ukraine, including U.S. government officials. This included former Vice President Biden and family members.

Actionable evidence of criminal activity was presented. The American officials appeared very interested in the information and eager to investigate wrong-doing.

Several other trips were made to the U.S. by various members of this Ukrainian investigative team.

Some initial expenses were paid for by the American government.

After multiple trips through 2019, and into 2020, U.S. officials agreed to develop a ‘working team’ with the Ukrainian investigators to further follow/prosecute the massive corruption in-country.

The working groups never materialized.

During the initial meetings, the Ukrainian team was told — “We [the FBI] can investigate ‘here’ [Ukrainians] but we can’t investigate ‘here’ [meaning they could not investigate American officials].

The Ukrainian team has informed CDM that after the first few meetings, the exchange of information became very one-sided, with American officials simply asking for more and more evidence of corruption, without responding in any meaningful way. Eventually communication with the FBI and others stopped altogether.

The Ukrainian team was informed that the FBI agents assigned to the case were ‘reassigned’ to other locations, and stopped responding to their inquiries about future cooperation.

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