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That’s it. That’s what all the hysteria is about: A president talked to a foreign leader about a problem/shared interest. Like all presidents do.

But Trump isn’t a president in the eyes of the left and the NeverTrump rump (but I repeat myself), so things other presidents are allowed to do without question are impeachable offenses if he does them.

It’s “sickening” to ask about the origins of the Russia Hoax endlessly pushed by NeverTrump fey urban liberals, says a NeverTrump fey urban liberal:

One analyst says this of the NeverTrump rump:

Russia hoax made them look stupid.

Ukraine hoax exposes them as complicit.

Meanwhile, the “whistleblower complaint” the left and NeverTrump rump (but I repeat myself) have been saying is where the real action is will be a dud as well:

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