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National Review:

Instead of sternly rebuking Iran for seizing U.S. sailors tonight, the Obama Administration is “acting as the lawyers for Iran,” Charles Krauthammer charged.

“I think the story here is not that the Iranians are bad actors, that’s a 30-year-old story,” Krauthammer said on Tuesday’s Special Report. “The story is that the United States, in responding to bad actions, is doing nothing. It’s appeasement of the highest order.”

“The whole point of the Iranian nuclear deal was to constrain the action of the Iranians,” he said. ”In fact, what we have seen since the day of the signing the deal is that it has self-deterred the United States from answering any provocation.”

Krauthammer cited a number of recent acts of Iranian belligerence against the United States:

The illegal, missile launch in October, we did nothing. The one in November we haven’t yet acknowledged. Then we said on the eve before New Year’s Eve, we were going to impose sanctions. The administration canceled the announcement, has not announced any other sanctions. The sentencing of The Washington Post reporter, no response. The detention of two other Iranian Americans, no response. And now this?

“And the administration accepts the Iranians saying it’s the middle of the night?” Krauthammer continued. “The Revolutionary Guards don’t close shop at 5:00 P.M. Iranian time.”

“We’re acting as the lawyers for Iran on all of these,” he said. ”No action, only excuses and we’re within a couple of weeks going to give them $150 billion with which to make mischief and to capture more Americans at sea.”​

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