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Yes, they did that to me too. They shadowbanned me. Tweets appeared for me and the people I tweeted back and forth with most frequently, and for no one else.

For Trump, the partial deplatforming will work a little differently. They won’t ban him from the site — Trump makes them money and keeps their precious “journalist” tweeters tweeting and tweeting and tweeting all day and then staying up all night tweeting — but they are sharply limiting how users can interact with his account.

Because they’ve now declared that a president elected by the American people is not “mainstream” and polite enough for Twitter’s otherwise rigorously-factual and scrupulously civil user base.

On to the newest leftist speech control measure which National Review will heartily endorse:

Twitter announced that any such tweets by world leaders will no longer be able to be liked, replied to, shared, or retweeted by regular users; instead, the only option available will be to “quote-tweet” the offending tweet, wherein regular users can “express their opinions” about the tweet itself.

In a statement addressing the new change, Twitter said that “When it comes to the actions of world leaders on Twitter, we recognize that this is largely new ground and unprecedented.”

The rule change immediately follows Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) calling on Twitter to ban the account of President Donald Trump, during the most recent Democratic primary debate.

They cast this as affecting “world leaders” but obviously this is an attempt — yet again! — to placate the leftwing activists who have been demanding that Twitter suspend Trump.

Why doesn’t twitter ever try to placate the right? Oh right, because the Establishment soyboys who control “conservative” media shout down any attempts to pressure social media companies in a rightward direction, if only to halt the leftward drift and keep them in the middle.

Helping leftist pressure groups pressure corporations into imposing leftwing speech controls on conservatives is the Highest Form of Conservatism, they tell us.

A “blessing of liberty,” as David French calls Drag Queen Story Hour.

In related news, the CEO of Salesforce is calling for the break-up of FaceBook.

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