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In other words, we have a “major national story” arising out of old, unused campaign dirt by a hapless mother-son pair of left-wing nuts still smarting from a six-year-old trouncing which was never acted on before, and an eyewitness to Scalise’s appearance who actually made the invitation for him to speak has now come forward to say virtually nothing of the original story is accurate – that in fact Scalise was giving an innocuous fiscal policy speech he’d given countless times across the state to a local civic association audience in his own legislative district with no knowledge his audience would be comprised of conferees from a white nationalist organization that Scalise has had no evident association with.

We have spent this entire week wading through this supposed scandal, and there is zero proof that Scalise is culpable of the conduct White and the Reeds are accusing him of. In fact, the state’s most prominent black Democrat has repudiated White’s story and one of Louisiana’s most prominent Democrat legislators has similarly dismissed the allegations of Scalise’s racism.

Steve Scalise is owed an apology by Lamar White, and Louisiana is owed much better political discourse than this individual has provided.

Read the entire thing at The Hay Ride

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