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The con man who would be president:

Trump is a snake-oil peddling charlatan for the 21st century; the lovechild of P.T. Barnum and George Wallace.

Donald has always been a showman and a shameless self-promoter, and now scam-artist can be added to his resume. Even though the celebrity billionaire was born on third base and has enough money to live luxuriously many lifetimes over, he still couldn’t help scamming people for some extra cash (or was it simply a vanity project?). This says a lot about what kind of person he is — unethical at best, criminal at worst.

Of course, his political strategy has been a lot like his business strategy, and the huckster is now trying to pull off the biggest con of them all: getting America to elect him president. Over the past year, Trump has been a entertainer, grabbing all of the headlines with his petty feuds and unpredictability; a brash self-promoter, boasting about everything from his net worth to his penis; and a charlatan, promising the world to his supporters while offering almost no substantive plans on how to accomplish any of it.

The policies that the Trump campaign has put forward are shockingly impractical and dangerous — from his proposal to deport 11 million people (which would cost hundreds of billions of dollars) to his tax plan, which would add an estimated $10 trillion to the debt over the next decade. Most economists agree that if Trump accomplished his most notable policies — mass deportations, getting into aggressive trade wars, slashing taxes for the wealthiest — he would quickly send the economy spiraling into another recession.

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