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WELL…here we are. The end of the Trump Era in Washington is here.

For now, anyway.

If there is one thing I’ve learned since Donald Trump decided to run for president it’s that maybe I shouldn’t try to predict much of anything he may do. He could very well return for the 2024 contest — I know I’d buy tickets for that show. For the moment, however, let us assume that this is the Big Goodbye.

These past four years have been some of the most interesting in American history, to be sure. What lessons we’ll take away from them remain to be seen. As long as that’s in the hands of present-day historians we’re not going to get a good read on anything.

From a personal perspective, I’ll tell you what I said on my podcast that will be posted later today: the overwhelming relief of not having to endure a Hillary Clinton presidency is something that I have been grateful for every day since Trump took the oath of office. It’s also made it all worth it. This great nation really dodged a bullet when Trump stunned the world and banished Granny Maojackets to Chappaqua to spend her days cracking open boxes of Franzia and pulling the wings off of flies.

Yeah, we’re heading into some bleak times, but they’ll be nothing compared to what Mrs. Bill would have put us through.

Trump may have only given us a four-year reprieve from the dystopian hell that the Democrats want to unleash on the America that they hate but I think the time may have given us some ideas about how to fight them.

Oh, and the Supreme Court too.

Victoria wrote a great post yesterday listing some of the things that we’re going to miss about Trump as president. It’s a great read. Here’s one we don’t talk about enough:

Trump likes babies. He is the most pro-life president ever. Not only did he show up to the March for Life in person, becoming the first president to do that, but he restored the Mexico City accord that halts funding for abortions in other countries. He cut federal funding for abortion in the US. He did more than any president to stop abortions. He cut funding for the UN Commission on Population Control because it was funding “coercive abortions and forced sterilizations.” He protected religious adoption agencies from religious discrimination by government.

Now we’re going to be plagued by a fake Catholic president who’s got a lust for abortion.

Just an FYI for the non-Roman Catholics out there: the Church hasn’t changed its stance on baby-killing. It’s just one of the million ways that the drooling husk Biden is a fraud.

Back to Trump. He was the perfect antidote to the Obama years. There were a few Republicans I liked in that 2016 field early on. I can’t imagine any of them accomplishing what Trump has accomplished. It was going to take a president whose first priority was America, not being liked by other Republicans.

That prioritizing is the thing about President Trump that the unnatural and insane rage the Left has for him prevents them from seeing. I almost feel bad for them.


I know that there are a lot of haters and trolls who read the Briefing (thanks for the clicks!) and they’ll all be gloating here for Trump’s last full day in office.

That’s OK. As Kira noted yesterday, they’re still miserable, even though they’ve been winning a lot:

It’s been the case with the Dems for a long time that they’re miserable even when things are going their way. Trump really broke them.

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