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The Trump Circus rolls on, and some days are more entertaining than others.

Paula wrote about yesterday’s circus stop:

Former President Trump surrendered to authorities and was arraigned in a federal courthouse in Miami on charges related to the retention of classified documents after he left the Oval Office. Those documents were later found at his Mar-a-Lago home during an FBI search. Trump’s attorney entered a not-guilty plea on behalf of the former president.

He was accompanied by his son Eric Trump; former first lady Melania Trump did not join her husband for the trip to the courthouse.

While cameras and photographers are not permitted in federal courtrooms, the building was surrounded by media, heavy security, and fans waving Trump flags. According to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, the protesters were peaceful, and no arrests were made.

This was, of course, supposed to be a huge day of celebration for the Trump-hating Left, including the Never Trump loons, who have at last abandoned any pretense of being right-of-center. While perusing the social media frenzy all day, however, one got the sense that even the most frothing-at-the-mouth Trump-haters are growing a bit weary of the whole “walls are closing in” shtick.

It’s understandable. By now, they’ve essentially become Wile E. Coyote to Trump’s Roadrunner. They’re probably all plagued by thoughts of how the former president is going to get away yet again. That doesn’t apply to all of them, but there was a vibe.

Trump does absolutely nothing to assuage their fears and that, my friends, is what hooks people like me.

Everything about him yesterday was, as a quote from Paula’s post said, “defiant.” The Democrats would have loved to see him show up to the courthouse with a look of panic in his eyes. Instead, he arrived to a mini rally and had social plans for the rest of the day.

Not exactly the sackcloth and ashes that his detractors were hoping for.

Trump’s arrival at the courthouse to his adoring fans was only his first “trigger the libs” event of the day. My colleague Rebecca Downs has this story over at Townhall:

Former and potentially future President Donald Trump was just arraigned in Miami on Tuesday, pleading not guilty to all 37 charges. After leaving the courthouse, Trump went to the famous Versailles Cuban bakery where people prayed over him and wished him a “Happy Birthday.” Trump looked to be at home as he made time with his supporters. Yet CNN’s Jake Tapper just couldn’t deal with his network daring to show footage of the interactions in real time, as he very quickly told the people in the control room to cut the feed.

The fact that the sight of Trump practically celebrating after the arraignment made Jakey boy rend his garments was absolutely delicious.

By the way, Tapper wasn’t the only Evil Empire member of the mainstream media put out by Trump, lunch, and prayer:

Trump sending his haters to the fainting couches is Trump at his Trumpian best. The last thing that the United States needs is Republicans who want to curry favor with the Dems and hope that The New York Times will say something nice about them.

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