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by Don Surber

The New York Times reported, “Trumpism Is Bigger Than Trump.”
OK, who told them?
Lu Ann?
Schløngtaviøus Lärdmâster? Sounds like something Schlongy would do.
After years of depicting Trump supporters as ill-educated, racist followers of a cult of personality, Big Media finds itself unable to explain why Trump supporters are not falling in lockstep to the polls to vote for Mehmet Oz simply because Trump endorsed him. This really must blow minds at NYT because gee, isn’t Oz one of those TV celebrities the deplorables worship?
The full headline was “For Many Pennsylvania Voters, Trumpism Is Bigger Than Trump.

“Interviews show Dr. Mehmet Oz struggling in the G.O.P. Senate primary, despite a Trump endorsement. Voters remain devoted to Donald Trump but seem less swayed by his guidance.”

Hmm, those conservative rats are not following their Pied Piper. Maybe — just maybe — they are not rats and Trump is not a Pied Piper.
The story said,

“Like other Republican primaries throughout the country, the Pennsylvania Senate race is testing just how strong Mr. Trump’s grip remains on the party. But unlike other primaries this year, the Senate contest in Pennsylvania has suddenly pivoted into something else — a case study of whether the movement Mr. Trump created remains within his control.
“In interviews with more than two dozen Republican voters in western Pennsylvania, many echoed Mr. Testa’s ambivalence and uncertainty about Dr. Oz — despite Mr. Trump’s backing, they view him with suspicion, call him too Hollywood and question his ties to the state. Those Republicans, including Mr. Testa, said they were instead voting for or considering voting for Kathy Barnette, the far-right author and conservative-media commentator who has surged in the polls on a shoestring budget.
“In a race that could determine control of the Senate, many Republicans in the state find themselves deeply devoted to Mr. Trump yet, at the same time, less swayed by his guidance. Trumpism, as Ms. Barnette herself has put it on the campaign trail, is bigger than Trump.”

Of course Trumpism is bigger than Trump.
If I were Salena Zito I could trace it back to the Whiskey Rebellion of 1793 when the hillbillies of western Pennsylvania refused to pay Washington’s whiskey tax. And by Washington, I mean the real one whose presidency ended 4 years before Washington DC became our capital.
Moonshining is embedded not in any prohibition on alcohol but on a refusal to pay the tax. Long before the creation of the FBI, “revenooers” from the Treasury Department went after the moonshiners.
But I would trace the whole thing back a generation to the War of Independence itself when “Live Free Or Die” were not just words on a license plate but a way of life. It is in the DNA of Americans no matter where their ancestors were on July 4, 1776.
NYT reported,

“In many ways, the vote for the Senate seat is as much a battle over the perception of authenticity as any ideological or policy debate. For months now, the leading candidates have each tried to align themselves closely with Mr. Trump and promote their conservative credentials. In the tight contest between the leading contenders — Dr. Oz, Ms. Barnette and Mr. McCormick — all three of them have tried hard to cast themselves as the true MAGA warrior.
“Some voters have clearly made up their minds about which one they believe is more authentic. But others are still deciding.
“One glance at John Artzberger’s auto body shop along Highway 8 in Butler County makes his political leanings clear: A Let’s Go Brandon flag flies from the shop’s marquee, and Trump paraphernalia covers a large wall near the entrance. When one customer asked him to place a Barnette lawn sign out front, he did not hesitate to agree. Still, the sign was just a sign — he said he was undecided and considering voting for either Ms. Barnette or Dr. Oz.”

Trump supporters are just that. Supporters. But many of us disagree with him on the Oz endorsement.

That hardly is a cult of personality.
No, for that you have to go to Obama.
When was the last tie a Democrat publicly criticized Obama or even disagreed with him?
NYT has caught on, which puts the whole cult narrative in the dustbin of history — alongside the Russian Collusion hoax and the January 6 Insurrection lie.
Trumpism is bigger than Trump and because of that, Tuesday’s winner in Pennsylvania should have an easier time of bringing the party together and winning in November because the last person anyone wants in the Senate is John Fetterman, the Bernie Bro who serves as the state’s lieutenant governor.

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