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by Ace

Via technofascist propaganda hub Twitter:

To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th.

Remember how after Bush was elected, the Left screamed that dissent was patriotic? And then when Obama was elected, dissent was suddenly racist? And when Trump won, resistance was not just patriotic, but compulsory? Well, dissent is racist again and resistance is now treason.

The media is now aghast that Trump supporters are chanting “Traitor, traitor!” at Lindsey Graham.

Strange, they seemed very supportive of leftwing agitator were hounding Lindsey Graham on his way to the parking lot, during the Kavanaugh hearings!

The media were also very, very positive about the shrews who snuck into the Senate building and then harassed Jeff Flake in the elevator.

The media were very, very noncommittal about a Bernie-supporting Rachel Maddow fan shooting the hell out of Steve Scalise and trying to kill six other Republicans.

Remember, this is a democracy. We’re all equal, right?

I’m so upset that dog’s breakfast of rowdies and roughhousers sullied the People’s House (where the police have orders to execute any women veterans who enter without permission, it turns out).

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