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It’s not just Trump saying this.

Deb Heine noted that Trey Gowdy, the useless Deep State Simp, had already noted that Obama’s minions were still unmasking Trump’s confiants on Inauguration Day — up until the last minute before he became President, officially.

Besides General Michael Flynn, many Americans on President Trump’s transition team, as well as members of the president’s family were unmasked during the transition period in late 2016 and early 2017, Republicans say.

The publication of a list of top Obama officials who sought to unmask retired General Michael Flynn sent shock-waves throughout Washington on Wednesday, and Republicans are making it clear that the incriminating list is only the tip of the iceberg.

…”It’s even worse than this,” said Rep. Devin Nunes on Fox Business Wednesday evening.

…Former congressman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) echoed Nunes’ point on Fox News Thursday, and went even further.

“It’s not just Michael Flynn,” Gowdy told host Sandra Smith. “There was an unmasking request made the morning of the inauguration. The morning of the inauguration. President Trump’s family members were unmasked,” he said.

Gowdy added that the newly declassified documents provide “a very nice witness list to start investigating the leak of classified information.”

So All The President’s Men were busy using the spying power to surveil, record, and unmask members of Trump’s family.

All based on suspicions of… violating the Logan Act.

If this is all on the up and up like the Deep State Simps and Functional Nazis believe, then I take it that they will have no complaints if members of Joe Biden’s campaign team, and their family members, are surveilled and umasked due to suspicions of violating the Logan Act?

Hunter Biden talks with Ukranians quite a bit. I have suspicions.

So: Can the Bidens be spied on and unmasked?

Or is the Logan Act a fake law that you only pretend is a real law when you intend to use illegal powers against your enemies?

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