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Everything about Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency so far is predicated on a firm belief in America’s greatness. Yes, the Donald does worry the U.S. doesn’t economically bludgeon friends and foes alike all in the name of “winning, winning, winning,” but he does appear to believe America is great place. Hence the “again” in his campaign slogan. But what does Trump think of American exceptionalism?

Apparently, despite a combover that embodies its own form of American exceptionalism, Trump isn’t a big fan of the term that encapsulates the belief that the U.S. is a unique force in the world outside the realm of rules that confine mortal nations. In a clip dug up and posted by Mother Jones on Tuesday, Trump lays out his case against American exceptionalism. The clip comes from an April 2015 “Celebrating the American Dream” event hosted by a Houston-area Tea Party group.

Here’s the full transcript of Trump’s answer:

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