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Hawaiian judges hardest hit.

Via Instapundit, another judge appointed.

President Trump has been remaking the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, shifting further and further to the right. On Wednesday he got another victory with the confirmation of Kenneth Lee in a 52-45 vote. And Democrats are really miffed about this one….

Lee who had a unanimously “well qualified rating from the American Bar Association, is Trump’s 40th circuit judge to be confirmed, even though Democrats were hoping to block his nomination.

Democrats tried to “blue slip” the judge. That is a tradition increasingly ignored — it permits the Senator of a judge’s home state to exercise a one-woman veto over a nominee by refusing to return a “blue slip” regarding his nomination. Kamala “Stoney” Harris tried that, as did the decrepit Dianne Feinstein, and Lindsey Graham just said “Nah brah” and voted him out of committee anyway.

Also via Instapundit, Deb Heine writes that Trump could flip this circuit.

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