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Matt Walsh:

OK, can we be done with this clown now?

The support Trump has received so far is baffling. Absolutely baffling. He’s a moderate liberal who knows how to spew a random succession of “right wing” talking points to get attention. That’s all. The guy has been a Hillary Clinton booster for years. He’s supported Democrats for years. He was pro-choice until recently, when he decided to try to trick gullible conservatives into supporting him. He can SAY whatever he wants now, but look at what he has done. He has consistently put his billions into supporting politicians who take away freedom, oppose gun rights, oppose immigration enforcement, oppose rights for the unborn, oppose traditional marriage, oppose economic liberty, and oppose everything else Trump’s supporters should be in favor of.

So what are these people doing? Have they not even taken the time to read, like, three paragraphs of this dude’s biography? He’s a liberal through and through. Always has been.

He gets credit for “telling it like it is,” but he doesn’t tell it like it is. He tells it how he needs to tell it to get attention. The fact that he’s sometimes right is a mere coincidence. Have you actually listened to him speak for an extended period of time? Did you actually listen to his campaign announcement? It was a disjointed, arbitrary assortment of Republican-esque rhetoric. He happened to be correct in some of it, but so what?

Meanwhile, he’s an arrogant, self-obsessed Hollywood liberal with two failed marriages and four bankruptcies to his name. Yet the exact crowd that should see right through him — the precise demographic that should absolutely reject charlatans like Trump — fell for it.

And now look. He belittles POWs and claims McCain isn’t a war hero because he was captured. This article leaves out the part where he says McCain isn’t a war hero, but he said it.

I don’t like McCain as a politician at all. I think he’s dishonored himself in his political career in many ways, and his more recent attacks on the Tea Party have been embarrassing and shameful. He’s been a career politician who refuses to just retire and let principled conservatives take control of the party. He’s a big part of the reason why the Republican Party has been such a failure on the national stage.

BUT to degrade his service and attack him for getting captured is despicable. Period. These are not the comments of an honorable man. These are the comments of an attention starved hack who, by the way, dodged the draft himself.

So come on, conservatives. What in God’s name are you doing? This has gone on long enough. I’m reading some of the comments under this article here, and from what I see, the first dozen are still defending Trump.

What in the world is happening? Can these people really not see Trump for what he is? Or do they really think that everything can be forgiven so long as Trump continues to say things that sound kind of conservative-y?

God help us.

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