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by Ace

Notice all the silence Has AllahPundit said a single word?
No, because he supports it.
I’ve said this before, but it needs to be said again: What we used to call “conservatism” had two different parts to it.
One, an ideological part, one that favored freedom, religion, business, and such,
and two, a merely factional part, dedicated to preserving the Right To Rule of the Ruling Class, the right of the “Higher Orders” to rule over the “Lower Orders.”
“Conservatism” united those who wanted to retain traditions with those who wanted to retain traditional ruling structures.
They sort of go together.
But they don’t have to.
And when one group — the part that seeks primarily to preserve the Right to Rule of America’s legacy, nepot Elite — stops acting as partners with the ideologically minded, freedom-seeking part, and in fact seeks to subjugate them — then we’ve got problems.

Trump was a very disruptive figure, obviously. His greatest disruption was in laying bare this distinction between the two kinds of “conservatism,” one, a dedication to certain ideological preferences deemed “conservative,” and two, a dedication to keeping the rich and powerful and hereditary rulers of America perpetually in charge.
We now see, rather starkly, who was part of “conservatism” for the first aspect of it, and who was in it primarily for the Preservation of the Hereditary Ruling Class aspects of it.
For, when the Hereditary Ruling Class turned very sharply against the ideologically-aligned part of the conservative movement, the neocons, the NeverTrumpers, the corporate shills of Conservative, Inc. took no time and no thought whatsoever to realign with the rich hyperpartisan, ultraprogressive faction of the left — the left wing of the Ruling Class.
They did not care, in final analysis, what the ideological make-up of the Ruling Class was. The only true imperative was that the Ruling Class, whatever its current ideological direction, must be preserved as the Masters of America.
So it’s hardly any surprise to see that the “True Conservatives” — who are really liberal-leaning defenders of the hereditary, legacy power elite of America — have gladly, gleefully sided with communist-leaning leftist Justin Trudeau in his war on the unruly Lower Orders.
So let it all be seen clearly now: Some were in conservatism for the freedom; others were just in it to keep the Lower Orders under control and under heel.
Trudeau has in fact turned the key in Canada’s turnkey dictatorship, and declared the wrongthinkers outlaws.

Joe Weisenthal @TheStalwart
It’s not just banks.
Canada’s new dragnet, will encompass basically every part of the financial system (including securities dealers) in order to cut off the truckers from funding.




Ser Jeff Garzik @jgarzikThis is the key point:
In an ivory tower far away, someone flipped a switch, many bank accounts were disabled en masse, without trial or due process or notification or right of appeal or transparency of operation.
This is the type of control authoritarians want over society.

Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald
The scope of authoritarianism imposed by Trudeau through decree is stunning. Most western media outlets are fine with it because its targets have the wrong ideology, but that’s what’s disturbing: harsh tyranny will encounter little resistance provided it’s aimed correctly.

Remember all the people who pretended to be so opposed to “authoritarianism” before and now cheerlead for it.
They were never against “authoritarianism.” They were fanatically hostile to Trump only because Trump threatened to displace the current Ruling Class and base his power not on the “stakeholder” groups and Acela Corridor Courtiers but on the political might of the despised Lower Orders.

Read Kevin D. Williamson — there is nothing there except hatred for the Lower Orders from which he (very barely) ascended.
That’s another laughable thing about these defenders of the Elite — they themselves are so very far from “elite” it makes one wonder what potent delusion they are under that makes them imagine they’re fighting for their own right to rule.
And all of them, meanwhile, all of these True Conservatives, by which I mean all of these true authoritarians, just continue to smear anyone who threatens their power as “racist” or “pro-Russia.”
It’s all they have left.
And we’re getting fucking sick of hearing it.

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