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Talk about a whiny dirtbag.

Noah continued, noting that there was only one reason we were all discussing the ‘Cruz eligibility’ situation: Donald J. Trump. Noah picks apart the careful way Trump works scandal into a conversation while making it seem as if he is really there to support his friend Cruz.

“You really need to watch him in his natural habitat: Twitter,” noted Noah. Noah follows the usual Trumpian logic of indicating that since he heard something on TV once, it must be true, the same way Trump ambiguously discusses faux-controversies. This led to the introduction of the hilarious new hashtag #DonaldTrumpWantsToBangHisDaughter, to which Noah said, “I’ve seen people on TV talk about it so it must be true.”


This is the same cretin who screamed like a little girl when people rightfully mocked Obama’s fake tears:

Trevor Noah dedicated his desk segment on Wednesday night’s Daily Show to the news out of Washington that President Barack Obama issued executive action in the fight for gun control legislation. “Something will get done, finally,” noted Noah before adding, “and also, ‘executive action’ sounds pretty cool.”

Not everybody was excited about the President’s action this week of course, as Republican candidates seeking the GOP nomination have unanimously criticized the move to close the so-called “gun show loophole” and enforce background checks. As Noah rolled footage of the President’s teary-eyed address on Tuesday, the comedian somberly noted to the audience, “No matter how opposed to Obama’s policies people may be or how cynical their politics they have to at least acknowledge and respect the raw authenticity of that emotion.”

“Or so you would think.”

He’s upset that Obama got schlonged.

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