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Am I understanding this correctly? He’s not saying they didn’t know who gave the order but rather that, quite possibly, some of them did know — and simply refused to say? Here’s the direct quote via Andrew Stiles:

“We did pose that question, and no one would acknowledge who, if anyone, provided that direction.”

That “if anyone” is a cute little hedge but obviously someone gave the order. Extra scrutiny for conservative groups isn’t something that began organically among 88 different employees. We already know from a New York Times story a few weeks ago that some “manager” up the chain told them to get cracking on this. Oddly, though, the Times couldn’t nail down which manager it was. Steve Miller, in his testimony before Issa’s committee, claimed that he’d been told once before who was responsible but … had since forgot. And now we find that Treasury’s own inspector general, whose report noted that the targeting began when a specialist in the Determinations Unit “was asked” to take a closer look at conservative groups, couldn’t figure out who did the asking. Which raises two possibilities. One: Collective amnesia. Two:

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