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Exclusive: Video obtained from a concerned parent reveals Dr. Holly Hoefgen — of the Washington University transgender clinic in St. Louis, which is currently under investigation — lying to an audience of parents about the practices followed when medically transitioning kids.

This was an event organized for parents by local Parent Teacher Organization Equity Committees.

The Washington University transgender clinic is the subject of a recent bombshell whistleblower report by Jamie Reed.
It is now being investigated by Missouri’s Attorney General @AGAndrewBailey, and also by Senator @HawleyMO.
Read this for the truth of what’s going on.
Jamie Reed goes into even more detail in her affidavit filed with the Attorney General.
Here is the entire transcript, with some added commentary by me.
Moderator, asking a question from the audience: “Are hormone therapies reversible? Basically, I guess I’m just interested in knowing more about health outcomes.”
Dr. Hoefgen: “So the first thing that I would tell people when we’re looking at this question is I think there is a little bit of bias built into this question as well.”
Right off the bat, the doctor is suggesting bigotry.
It couldn’t possibly be a more reasonable question: “Are hormone therapies reversible?”
They’re not, of course, which I’ll get into, but it’s standard trans activist practice to try to quell honest questioning by suggesting it’s all transphobia.
Doctor: “So just understand that we are not, like, going out into the world and, like, looking for kids to, like, make them trans, right?”
Moderator: “That’s not what the politicians say.”
Well, doctor, you’re literally out in the world at this event organized by PTO Equity Committees, speaking to parents, selling them a lie that some of their kids are born in the wrong body.
Dr. Hoefgen: “Like, that’s not a goal that is there, right? Our goal is to be here and available for people to give them the things that they need, right?”
“And there are protocols and there are steps for anything that has to do with medicine, right?”
“So I have a governing body to tell me, you know, what are the best things to do for patients who have abnormal bleeding or patients who have endometriosis, and we follow those steps.”
“And there are similar governing bodies and similar steps that we follow for gender care, right?”
“So if people come to us at a prepubertal age, right, patients who are younger, then that is really gonna have to do more with having them speak openly . . .”
“. . . having them talk with a mental health professional, letting them live as themselves, right, so letting them dress the way that they prefer to dress and talk the way that they prefer to talk and, you know, actually moving into something like medical management, right . . .”
“. . . requires them to have gone through an evaluation with the mental health professional, talk about their feelings and meet a certain criteria, right?”
“That is laid out and then at that point, we’re talking to them and their parents very in depth about the risks and benefits of these treatments, right?”
“Many of the treatments that we do, especially when we’re talking about younger patients, they actually are very reversible, right?”
“So the medicines that we use to halt puberty, right, so that a person is not going through a puberty that is going to be very averse to them, right? That is a completely reversible medication.”

Okay, so Dr. Hoefgen is halfway through her sales pitch about how there are protocols and steps in place, laid down by governing bodies.
She says there are therapists involved, and “very in depth” conversations about the risks and benefits.
She punctuates these points with the greatest and most common lie of all: that puberty blockers are “a completely reversible medication.”
Let’s contrast these lies with the truth, as attested to by Jamie Reed, who worked at that clinic for 4 years and was responsible for patient intake and oversight.
Here’s the truth: “I witnessed staff at the Center provide puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to children without complete informed parental consent and without an appropriate or accurate assessment of the needs of the child.

“I witnessed children experience shocking injuries from the medication the Center prescribed. And I saw the Center make no attempt or effort to track adverse outcomes of patients after they left the Center.”
“The Center also claims that it is a multidisciplinary team approach. The benefit of that approach is supposed to be that patients and their parents can feel more confident that all aspects of their care options have been considered . . .”

“. . . and that their treatment plan has the input of all of the team. This Center did have members who would advocate for different options for the patients with concerning gender histories, concerning comorbidities, . . .”
“and attempt to raise the serious concerns regarding patient care. Patients and their parents, however, were never informed that the team did not have consensus on the treatment.”
“The staff members on the team that were not universally in support of immediate cross sex hormones were not supported and were told to stop questioning the prevailing narrative of immediate cross sex hormones for all by the prescribing physicians.”
“The administration at the university did not actively support the multidisciplinary model of care and did not provide any oversight, and instead the administration told those raising concerns and questions to stop raising them.”
“The public has been led to believe that a ‘team’ has considered their child’s care and that the ‘team’ had ruled it best for the cross sex hormones to be initiated, but the public was not told the truth.”
“Medical transition practice for children and adolescents is based on a study from the Netherlands. That study, the “Dutch study,” excluded participants who presented underlying mental health issues.”

“But nearly all children who came to the Center here presented with very serious mental health problems. Despite claiming to be a place where children could receive multidisciplinary care, the Center would not treat these mental health issues.”
“Instead, children were automatically given puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones even though the Dutch study excluded persons experiencing mental health issues.”
“Most children who come into the Center were assigned female at birth. Nearly all of them have serious comorbidities including, autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma histories, OCD, and serious eating disorders.”
“Rather than treat these conditions, the doctors prescribe puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones.”
Some examples are included here:

“These serious comorbidities were not treated by the Center, and doctors would prescribe puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones while patients were struggling with these comorbidities.”

“Many patients had depression and anxiety symptoms before starting cross sex hormones but it was only after starting these medications that they became more severe and required starting mental health medications.”
“Many patients were also suspected of having autism and were not even required to be formally assessed for this condition before starting cross sex hormones.”
“The Center tells the public and parents of patients that the point of puberty blockers is to give children time to figure out their gender identity. But the Center does not use puberty blockers for this purpose.”

“Instead, the Center uses puberty blockers just until children are old enough to be put on cross-sex hormones. Doctors at the Center always prescribe cross-sex hormones for children who have been taking puberty blockers.”
“The Center also tells parents, children, and the public that puberty blockers are fully reversible. They are not. In children going through normal puberty, puberty blockers do lasting damage.”
“They cause children to go through menopause early, they reduce bone density, and they worsen mental health.

These are some of the truths as told by the Washington University transgender clinic whistleblower, Jamie Reed, but we already had evidence from many of the top transgender health experts themselves.
In this video, the president of WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) admits that none of the boys who started on puberty blockers at Tanner stage 2 have ever been able to have an orgasm as an adult.
Puberty blockers aren’t reversible.
That same doctor, WPATH president Marci Bowers, oversaw the penile inversion surgery for realty TV star Jazz Jennings when Jazz was only 17.
Because Jazz had been on puberty blockers from a young age, his penis had never grown and there wasn’t enough tissue to do the surgery.
So his surgeon cut out some of Jazz’s stomach lining in order to form the inside of his “neo-vagina.”
Commenting on TV in the lead-up to surgery, Jazz said “I say it’s going to be like a patchwork vagina, Franken-vagina.”
If puberty blockers were reversible, these boys wouldn’t be stuck with micro-penises for life, or have to cut out pieces of their colon or stomach lining to use as a skin graft for surgery.
There is no time machine to take these kids back to the beginning of puberty. Years of development are lost forever.
Going back to the transcript from Dr. Hoefgen’s presentation to parents from local schools, she says “We use that medication for lots of other things, right?”
“The same medicine that we use to stop puberty is the medicine that I use to stop puberty in a patient who’s starting it earlier than they, than we, you know, would think they should.
“It’s the same medicine I use to treat endometriosis.”
“It’s the same exact medicine I use to preserve fertility in patients who are going undergoing cancer therapy.
“So you will hear a lot of people talk about the, like, risks of that medicine but that risk is not too much for a cancer patient.”
“And is not too much for an endometriosis patient, right?
“It is not too much for a precocious puberty patient so it shouldn’t be too much for our transgender patients, right?”

Yes, those are the actual words of a medical doctor. You read that correctly.
Dr. Hoefgen is comparing normal, healthy puberty to cancer.
To borrow the words of @elonmusk, “let that sink in.”
She continues, “As far as, you know, looking at hormones, right, when we’re starting transitional hormones, the first thing I would say is there are risks to medicines, right?”
“And some of those things are reversible and some of those things are not, and we have a very in-depth discussion about that.
“But there are also risks to not treating, right? So if you are forcing someone to live as a person that they are not, that has really notable risks.”

Here we come to core belief of this cult.
Dr. Hoefgen states that allowing a child to grow up is “forcing someone to live as a person that they are not.”
Continuing with her coercion, she says that allowing a child to grow up “has really notable risks.”
What are the risks, doctor?
Are the risks that children won’t be turned into infertile, anorgasmic, lifelong medical patients with missing body parts, forever reliant on pharmaceutical companies who produce synthetic hormones?
These doctors at gender clinics all across the western world firmly believe the cultish nonsense that ‘children are born in the wrong body.’
What an abusive thing to say to a child.
Doubling down on her belief that puberty is a medical disorder akin to cancer, she says “And so we have to really have that discussion that no treatment isn’t benign, right?”
“So from that point I would just really put that there and just know that this is something that you don’t walk in that day and leave with testosterone, right? There is a whole process that this is worked through.”
A whole process, she says. I refer you to the article and affidavit at the start of this thread for all the details of how laughable that statement is, but they basically do walk in and walk out with testosterone.
The gender clinic only sends these kids to therapists who they know will just sign a letter provided by the clinic, recommending medical treatment.
These children always receive puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones, even when severely mentally ill.
Last but certainly not least of her lies, Dr. Hoefgen says “And then the other thing that I hear a lot more from, from the political side of things, is surgery, right?
“It is actually not something that is done, right?”
“We do not offer surgical interventions to patients under the age of 18, right?
“That is a guideline that has been set out by the governing bodies of medicine and by WPATH that, you know, we can have those conversations and we can talk about it, but those irreversible surgical decisions are being made by adults.”
“So if that is a concern you’ve had, or something that you have heard, that is just not a thing that is done.”
-Dr. Holly Hoefgen
Oh, really? That’s a WPATH standard, is it?
Explain this.
Surgeries on kids are “just not a thing that is done.”
Then why are girls as young as 12 having radical elective double mastectomies, and why are 16-year-old boys having penile inversion surgeries?
Dr. Hoefgen, if surgeries are only done on adults, why is your clinic referring children for surgeries?
This is from the affidavit of Jamie Reed, the Washington University transgender clinic whistleblower.

“Doctors at the Center also have publicly claimed that they do not do any gender transition surgeries on minors.
“For example, last year Dr. Lewis and Dr. Garwood told the Missouri legislature, “at no point are surgeries on the table for anyone under 18” and also, . . .”
“. . . surgeries are not an option for anyone under 18 years of age.”
“This was a lie. The Center regularly refers minors for gender transition surgery. The Center routinely gives out the names and contact information of surgeons to those under the age of 18.”
“At least one gender transition surgery was performed by Dr. Allison Snyder-Warwick at St. Louis Children’s Hospital in the last few years.” -Jamie Reed
Dr. Holly Hoefgen, you are a liar, and you are a child abuser.
The Missouri State Medical Board should immediately establish a moratorium on all puberty blocking drugs, hormones, and surgeries on children, and investigate all staff involved.
Readers of this thread should contact the Missouri State Medical Board at 573-751-0098, and ask for this clinic and its doctors to be investigated.
The entire practice of child transition should be subject to a systematic review of all evidence, or lack thereof.
If you have been harmed by the Washington University transgender clinic, or you are the parent of a child who has been harmed, I will connect you with excellent lawyers who want to sue.
Please send me a DM, or email me at
I’m a regular dad who had enough of this insanity infecting our culture and harming our kids, and I set out on a mission 2 1/2 years ago to help put a stop to it.


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